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it shows the linux version, so i click "Download Now" and all of a sudden, THE LINUX VERSION ISNT THERE! I'M SO ANNOYED AND NEED TO KNOW!

What the heck is gamebanna? You mean gamepotassium?

If I register, the register button does nothing, and if i log in, it loads for ~5 minutes then says that I "Reconnected" and "An error occurred" and stuff like that.

Yeah, just a rough estimate, but I think it's around a 1/25 chance the CPU will not slack and the game will load. REALLY frustrating when it stops loading. I still don't understand WHY the CPU randomly goes down and stops.

UPDATE! The priorities for the game go High when it's loading, and when it "freezes" it goes to Low. Which means that the game has not froze, but it is loading so slowly it will take several hours to load. My estimate is after ~1.5 hours it will go up by 1%. If you look really closely, if you are THAT patient, you can see that every couple of minutes a pixel of the bar goes up. If your game froze at 50%, it would take around 75 hours for the game to fully load without refreshing or crashing. That's crazy! It is impossible to get the game to load when the CPU slacks because it will 100% of the time crash after a couple of hours of trying to keep the application going! 

Yeah. The CPU randomly slacks! I explained it in my post if you wanna take a look, but we cannot actually tamper with the CPU in this game, especially since the game doesn't have a certificate. (Signaled by my friends' antivirus) Only the devs can fix this. Please, fix the crashes, the GOD DAMN FREEZING! It's so annoying.

Yeah, it has worked for me a lot, especially when I'm not in school. It's REALLY annoying, because of how it freezes almost every time. It takes me more than 10 refreshes every time I wanna play it. I think one of the biggest things the devs need to fix in the next update is the browser version. Also, since the Week 5 update, my game would crash every time I tried to play any of the new songs, even loading them from the debug menu! And, the week 5 update made my game run at 40 fps, and my game crashes when loading even Bopeebo on hard! We ALL need an update to the browser version, especially since most of the players are on a chromebook and cannot download the good version of the game. 

Thanks, I've only just noticed it. Hope a developer sees this and goes into it. I'm not sure why the CPU slacks randomly, but it's really annoying how it does.

So this problem is only fixable by the developers of the game. If you press Search+Esc, you see the task manager. Under Friday Night Funkin' is a Subframe called hwcdn. It should be using ~160 CPU. If the CPU starts going down, the loading is about to freeze. It freezes when the CPU usage goes down, and for some reason it does that almost every time. Just keep refreshing, and be patient. It will work eventually. And don't open another tab, because that will encourage the CPU to slack again, since it is not being focused.

If you are on a chromebook, using the web version you may experience freezes during loading. I found what causes the freeze. If you press Search+Esc, it opens the task manager. When you go down to Friday Night Funkin', it has a subframe "hwcdn" That is the game, because if you end the process the game crashes. That should normally use 100+ CPU when loading.

When that CPU starts going down, it means the loading just froze. The CPU should go down to 9.0, but it will stop loading. That's the problem! Ninjamuffin, please fix this. The CPU starts slacking randomly while loading the web version, so every time I wanna play the game, it takes me >10 tries to get it to load.

I can't play the new update! I cant even load Cocoa on Easy! It crashes during loading! :(

The boyfriend in the "Pico" track, I can't remember if it's the 3rd or 4th verse, maybe even the fifth, but in the periodic rushes of each arrow, it sounds like the boyfriend is saying "I think that I'm gonna die" Just a cool little thing I heard.

I keep accidentally doing this! I used WASD to play the game, and if you press R during a song, you instantly die. I keep on moving my finger too far in a panic and pressing R whilst pressing D. Nothing too bad, because it doesn't happen too often, just gets me in the harder songs where there are more notes and i start panicking.

EXACTLY! We got all these little kids who think working doesn't exist, and so they proceed to ask for the game for FREE. Is $5 not cheap?

Have you tried...

- Restarting your device

- Reinstalling the application

Also, did this bug start happening when you installed iOS 14, or was it still there before the update?

Want it free? Wait for the mobile game to come out. These people work HARD. You think it would be easy to make a 2d astronaut game to figure out who killed someone. Nope. It takes days, weeks, months, maybe even years to make these games. I can understand how you haven't made a game before, so you wouldn't know, but just take my word for it. We work HARD. We need this money, not to go buy candy at the walgreens nearby, but to keep making the game. If we don't have money, we can't run servers. It's just $5, stop being a baby.

Why should they make the game free? Is $5 not cheap to you? The developers need this money to keep making the game and keep running the servers. If you don't wanna help the developers, just don't play the game. Wanna play the game and not support the developers? Too bad, they work harder than you will ever work.

If you think the controls are tacky, for the joystick, turn the joystick size up, and for the point and click, I recommend not using a phone, as its screen is very small, which can have your finger keep falling off of the screen.

You cannot download Among Us 2 on any device at the moment, as it has not been released yet, and they are still working on it. If you want to play Among Us 1, though, that has been released, for $5 on Steam and