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  • battling resolution bugs on different devices. i think its finally fixed
  • new animations for thwup
  • scoring, level select, and continuation added in for more casual game play fun

7.7.17 - new bounce mechanic!

  • lick walls to bounce back
  • Fixed mobile buttons
  • Compatibility fix for other devices
  • Camera movement improvement
  • Started work on level 6

7.3.17 - big bug fixes, android version out

  • lots of collision problems fixed
  • android download now available
  • all 5 levels officially complete
  • as of this moment, no known bugs exist

6.29.17 - new build up

  • always more bug fixes
  • added new obstacles, 3 types of spikes, 2 cannons, and a giant ball of death
  • 4 complete levels, 5th one is still WIP
  • mobile build in progress,  touch controls are still too unresponsive though. itll be coming soon however
  • a lot more obstacles to come after the 5th level is completed!

6.23.17 - another update!

  • mostly just bug fixes and fleshing out the existing 5 levels. nothing too terribly exciting unfortunately.

i couldnt make it very far, got stuck at what i assume is the second jump right after the first ant. artwork looks cool but i was kinda lost on direction. i read thru the comments and apparently its just me too -_-

wouldve liked to play more, and unfortunately your video isnt working either!

anyone having problems with windows 10 may need to minimize and select the icon from the system tray to get it to load.  another player resolved the issue by running it in compatibility mode. thanks again to all who have taken the time to play my game

thanks everyone so far for the feedback. As to how I accomplished the jumping it was all made in game maker studio. If youre interested in the code or the source send me a email (russell at

Thwup community · Created a new topic Thwupdates

new build going live. enjoy!

  • restart at the beginning of the last level
  • 2 new obstacles
  • 3 fully designed levels, 2 WIP
  • 1 boss encounter, WIP
  • updated graphics and particle effects

tried the game for a bit, not a bad idea but it quickly gets unbeatable due to the limited movement speed of the (dog?). itd be cool if he sped up as the sheep increased so there was a chance of survival instead of sure death. i thought the sheep looked pretty cool tho

thanks for the comment. its obviously pretty rough and very short right now but theres more changes coming. should be a new version up tomorrow with 1 new level, wont have been playtested yet though, so try at your own risk! otherwise more bug fixes and some streamlining gameplay, updating sound effects and improved attack animation. more to come by the weekend hopefully.

thanks for giving it a shot, its really weird its giving you that issue. it really is a super basic game so not sure whats causing it. it works on both windows 7 and 8.1 - Im ot in a place i can test it right now but ive a windows 10 machine that maybe i can track it down on. if you know what kind of video card you  have that might help me track down the issue, if you find the time.