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Character models are exactly how they've looked back in PS1 era, they remind me of Soul Reaver characters very much.


I get the Hellraiser vibes

Lovin' it!

Hordes or even legions of reanimated corpses led by unknown lord, corrupting and turning to their side the once peaceful creatures of the forests, they appear at your gate now of your own fort. Whether you fight alone or with your partner, the hordes are ready to fight you any time.

It is planned to make something like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance out of this.
Something for my own soul, because I've played the heck out of Dark Alliance Engine games on PS2 back in the day.
I hope there's more of you who feel nostalgic about that extraordinary gem from PS2 era and I hope that those who hadn't played it back then will still like this game style.

The development is going smoothly without any limitations. Once I perfect the Arena and the character system, campaign is next!

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One of those games that is heavily inspired by Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, but!
Instead of going through high amount of missions, player is faced with some horrifying middle-world where the only thing is to keep himself away from disintegration that could be caused by void's whirlpool.

A powerful monk called Arkon gets trapped between a human realm and the void. His only purpose now is to fight in order to stay in this midworld.

Fight the armies of unseen entities, get stronger and avoid the swallowing whirlpool from beneath.

The game is IN EARLY ACCESS, it will be developed fast since it's focused on gaining highscore.
All of you who have heard of dungeon synth should know that this game contains one track of it from my personal DS project.