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00:01:43:53 LESS GO

00:03:31:87 B)

i love the clouds just fading when you get past a certain part, it's just like an adventure! :)

i love it!!! the idea is super good in my opion! yes, it can be pretty hard, but this makes you scratch your head and think: "if i take this color first and then this color, i will be able to pass when i re-color" sometimes, you just get tricked because there was one missing color place, so you needed to re-color right before you take teh new color. this game is really good, and the game was fun. :)

if you are on ground, it will pull the block torwards you. if you are in mid-air, it will pull you torwards the block

poor little purple guy :(

i can't get past level 11 :/

baba is you was first inspired by sokoban with the push rule

me too lol ez

it's the last level, and you can walk up until some of the bugs are not in the line and then you spam the keys

problem: i have a sword but the white guz doesn't let me pass :/ also you can push him if you go to im and go up and down