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Thanks for the reminder. I finished designing the game a while ago and got halfway through writing it up. I'll revisit it again soon to get it finished. It will be good to see it again through fresh eyes as well :-)

Thank you for the great feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it.

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There is no winning condition as such. Over time you can work your way up from Recruit to Legendary Commander. The game was designed to be open ended - so you could play as short or as long as you like. The next game I am working on (Pirate based) will have a win condition at the end of a campaign of sailing the high seas. (Due out in September)

This is a really cool game. Would it be OK if I published a solo variation with slightly different rules? I would give you credit as inspiration. You can reply via the email in my itch profile if you prefer.

Good luck with the JAM. I can't wait to see what is created. I wrote up an overview/review of the SRD on my solo RPG blog

This is such a cool game. I love the way it doesn't rely on yes/no oracles etc to drive the narrative.  I have written a small review on my solo RPG blog

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I like this a lot. It is ideal for "imaginatively challenged" people like myself. I have written a short review/overview on my solo RPG blog

This is such a clever game using the Caltrop Core Engine. I am amazed at what you have done with a handful of D4 dice. I have written a review from a solo-player point of view in my solo RPG blog.

The game looks cool. I'm looking forward to trying it as a solo player.

Love this game. I have written a review for this game on my solo RPG blog

I cant wait to play this. It covers so many things and seems like it will be much better than a hex or dungeon crawl. Awesome

Would it be OK with you if I wrote your game up as a SRD (System Reference Document) so others could use a similar format of four years and four seasons? I would give you credit for the inspiration of the SRD.

Hi Jared, I really like this game and how it covers four seasons over four eras of a wizards teaching life. I have written a small review for you on my solo RPG blog

I really like the one-page SRD for designing one-page games. I'm a big fan of Wretched and Alone, and cant wait to see what comes out for Second Guess. I have included a review on my Solo RPG blog

This is a really cool game using the Caltrop system. I had a lot of fun playing with a handful of D4 dice. I wrote a short review on my blog

A fun game to play with my grandchildren. They love superheroes. I have included a review on my solo RPG blog  Highly recommended game.

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Lighthearted comedy in an office setting! It's a lot of fun to play and quite a change from typical adventure or mission-orientated challenges. I really enjoyed writing a review for this one. You will find it on my solo RPG blog

I really like the way you have used connections instead of leads in a game. The highly descriptive names for the connections are great and really get the creative mind working. I have written a review on my solo RPG blog 

I enjoyed every minute of playing this game. The prompts are well written and the theme is magical (in so many ways). Highly recommended. I have included a short review on my solo RPG blog 

This is a really good game set in the wild west. I love the way you introduced predefined characters and stats to the LEADS system. I have written a short review for you. 

You are most welcome. It is a great system. A link would be great.

Congratulations on the start of your Push Jam. I really like the system, and can 't wait to see what is created. I have included an overview of the SRD on my Solo RPG Blog and will add reviews for some of the games submitted to the Jam.

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This is a great space theme game. Generating scenes with your prompts is a lot easier than some other Push Power games I have tried. I've added it to my blog of solo RPG games.