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R.B. Rigid

A member registered Oct 01, 2022

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I am not sure. This is made like it's from an Atari right ? I never did this ...well yesterday i made my first SNES track which is still in the works. I can try it but i need some time. I have lots of stuff to do right now. If you are impatient i won't blame you if you look for a another musician.

If you check it out it would be nice for the developer to get some feedback.

Nice to read that you liked it. Omega Wing is under development  . Everything is subject to change and may can appaear rough around the edges. It's a Giga Wing clone but instaed of a deflective shield you get a special weapon you should use quite often.

Hello there , 

I am looking for projects regarding video game music i can work on. I will do this for free as said in the Title. Video games are something i am passionate about so i would welcome more opportunities. The music i make is more action oriented and inspired by shoot em ups of the PS1 , PS2 , Saturn , Dreamcast era. Feel free to contact me on Discord any time. Keep time zones in mind.


is some stuff from soundcloud

I am also working on a small album i plan to release in February on itch for free so anyone can use it.

i push myself again XD

Aa little push and at the same i time i want to thank ThePrinceofMars and PARROT NOVELS (TENSAI) for giving me the opportunity to work on their projects and gather experience.

Still , if someone want's my help , i am happy to oblige.


Thank you. I got lucky and i am currently involved in two projects. I'll update Soundcloud whenever i can.

changed my username to R.B.Rigid#8600 . i didn't used discord for ages.

Yes you can.  The Username is xRambobrillx#8600

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no i don't. i am pretty bare bones when it comes to this.Also i have no following so there is no need for a discord server but if you meant if i use use discord then yes


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Hello. Do you need someone to make a soundtrack? i am an amateur musician but i would love to work on a project like this. it would be my first time. I'll give you a link to my track i released a few days ago on soundcloud , so you can decide for yourself. i would of course do this for free cause i have a lot of passion for shmups myself.

here is the link :

thank you for your time. greetings from germany

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Hello there , 

My name is Michael alias R.B. Rigid. I am an amateur music composer. What does that mean? I just do this stuff in my free time and have no experience working on a project like this. I play a lot of games and one of my favourite genres are shoot em ups. 

One of the things that always stood out to me was the music in these kind of games. Especially Einhander , Radiant Silvergun , Ikaruga , most if not all CAVE shoot em ups , Border Down , Under Defeat etc. PS1 PS2 and Dreamcast era.

I don't mind how big or small the project is but i would really like to make music for shoot em up or similar games.

Ableton is my DAW of choice.

I will leave a link to a reference track so you know what you gonna get:

Feel free to contact me anytime you want. See you around.