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I just wanna say, this is good stuff.

This is surprising, really. It's a good game even without the NSFW parts.

This is sweet. Thank you, dev.

The screen just blocked out. I guess it's the end, then. Thanks for the experience.

Oh, new updates but I don't see any changelogs.

Yep. My Ungoogled Chromium didn't work and using the official Chrome too. It only worked on Edge. Welp. At least I can play this.

Thanks! It's actually bit of both. I guess it depends on how the devs would balance the advantages and the perceived morality on this. And yes, probably ask for forgiveness.

I might be downloading something else. I don't have music.

What's the engine used?

Hmmm. I guess it's app related but you might want to change the settings of your upload.

I think I missed this but is there a way to level up or at least, level up stats aside from bonuses from the blessings?

I don't mind the spoilers though. But hmm. It makes me think if I should free her or not at the cost of free heals and some easy but pricey pots.

I'd like to say that this is a good!

Not affiliated and not condoning with the modder, got it!

Line's Spicy Journey for a Reunion

Huh. This feels more like a journal and commentary. It's also fun, in a way.

I've got a bug or probably unintentionally left over. When art is disabled, the art in Status menu is still there.

Yay! Thanks!

By the way, can we know what engine you use to make this prototype and the full game?

Oh! Godot, huh. Well, looking forward to the update! 

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!

Now I just wish this demo has a tutorial stage. I kinda don't like reading up controls because I feel lazy.

Thanks! One more thing... sometimes the text doesn't fit in the phone and it all jumbles up instead of being scrolled down.

I think this is just me but there seems to be a bug when I have to pick the advice for them being a great person vs the world can be a shitty place. It's reversed.

Oh? It's moving to new engine? May I know what it is?

(1 edit)

Already did. Restarted a bunch of times. Still the same. I guess it's my machine and it might have some hidden problems somewhere.

I actually left a manually dled dplaxy.dll on there. so i deleted it and it now ran. Problem though is that the words are all on question marks. It seems the language settings aren't set.

It seeems i was missing of dplayx.dll. i dled the missing DLL but got this log instead:

__SEH__ 0xc0000005 at 0x80000002
CS :0x00000023 SS :0x0000002B DS :0x0000002B
ES :0x0000002B FS :0x00000053 GS :0x0000002B
EAX:0x00000000 EDX:0x00000044 ECX:0x00000000
ESP:0x0019FB6C EBP:0x0019FF70 EIP:0x80000002
ESI:0x00000000 EDI:0x00422E88
-- backtrace --
0x0019fb6c: 0x004029ab 0x004028f0 0x00000000 0x00000000
0x0019fb7c: 0x004029cf 0x00405788 0x00000000 0x00000000
0x0019fb8c: 0x0019ff70 0x003f9000 0x0019fc30 0x008ef464
0x0019fb9c: 0x0019fc28 0x77cc621f 0x00000015 0x00000020
0x0019fbac: 0x0000000a 0x008b0000 0x00000026 0x003a0044
0x0019fbbc: 0x4c5c3a44 0x75736965 0x495c6572 0x6569646e
0x0019fbcc: 0x6e415c73 0x736c6567 0x20666f20 0x74746142
0x0019fbdc: 0x655b656c 0x00005d6e 0x008df170 0x008ef450

This monster sex disable, is this about during the battle when the monster hold Celica and then have sex with her? Need some more elaboration on this.

I believe it's useful even though it's much better to have images to assist the description of the NSFW scenes. Some people would want to disable it so that they can work their own. As for me, it's to play the game without making it obvious that it's NSFW. Thanks for considering!

It could be. I've seen others with a zip though. Oh, w/e. I'll just stick to downloads or just wait for the finished demo and go from there.

(1 edit)

No. I was talking about the desktop app I used to DL and install ItchIO games. Not android ones. I don't think ItchIO launched mobile app version. I also use it to update the games I have installed. Think of it like Steam or GOG Galaxy.

Edit: I have actually seen some games like this too, although going back to get update to download the update again is... well tedious for me as I got used to the convenience of the desktop app.

For some reason, my ItchIO app doesn't see any installation download in here and I will have to use a browser to DL.

Oh. Here's hoping that this will go swimmingly well, dev!

Is there an option to disable NSFW images but keep the text?

Oh. I guess I also found a less obvious and kind of intrusive way of finding the save code. It's under the AppData file for Windows. You can use notepad on the save_ini file. For those who use the itch io app, you need to find the folder under C:// then Users and itchplayer<numbers>. The AppData is hidden, btw. You need to get to activateshow hidden files.

Instead of putting the controls in the manual, why not put it on the game page or make the tutorial for both demo and main game?

Well, I can only imagine that the devs are a busy lot considering that I see only two of them working on the game. The complexity is made even more difficult by going for tactical RPG. Still, this is a good read and the only advice I can say is to wait it out. Any news/post is good enough than no news or replies to threads.

I would say, this is a good demo. I just felt like there should be a dash mechanic but I guess that's not part of the scope.