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Sorry. What was the update for?

I guess I'd wait until completion before diving more into this. I can say this has a good story and all.

May I know what engine is based from?

I actually got all endings. It was pretty straight forward. And again, the VN has looping errors in which events get repeated and all. Sometimes the buttons are there but invisible, so when you click somewhere ,it activated the next scene and skipped the current scene.

There is an error in which you can loop events and get rewards where you can abuse to get more money. 

I only got 3 endings, can I get a walkthrough to get the 4th one? 

huh. ngl. i got kinda scared when it's leaning on the 4th wall.

Me, too. There's also this kind of error on another event if the potion you spiked didn't work. 

I think we would need something like a hint section of the game in order to have us less guess work on quests.

Hi! I will surely have to try this game. May I know what engine is used to develop this?

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I really love it that you can get help from Nel just to skip the grind. LOL Is there still no Ice element?

Or maybe add a function to let the monstes lewd the MC. if not temporarily disable after the struggle.

Maybe a x64 support if that's even possible. The game drops FPS too much on my machine but it could be my PC's problem

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This is good. Thanks!

Also, I'm quite new to these definitions of housemates instead of siblings and the landlords instead of parents. Is that how they are viewed by the characters or that's actually the case now instead?

Is there a way to disable images and just texts?

I liked this! Though, I may have to wait a bit more to have some bugs fixed and probably some hints available when trying to obtain new ingredients or on how it works.

Also, is corruption the only way to progress or if it's an alternate route?

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scrollType' of null
For more info, Push F8"

error after Elli passed out and faded in to black.

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Hi there. I'm not sure if it's just me but the game would have an error when I try to save the first Save Spot at the Monastery. Luckily, I just have to restart the game and it actually did Saved. 

I see. I understand, but yes an improved version is much better experience rather than the prototype.  And yes, I still saved it too in my PC,  and I'm keeping it  till I buy the new one. XD

Hi Ebi-Hime, is there anyway for you to upload the old version of this one or are you gonna be sticking with this? I'm gonna buy this on steam of course.