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Thanks for the update!


thanks for the update!

Neat updates!

If we bought this on steam, can this run without steam login?

I don't have much comment as I am not really into art but here's a like

What's the update for?

Yes, it's like submitting a homework just to get it done but you got solutions wrong. LOL. Anyway, I'm not a dev myself but maybe you might want to try to keep some prototypes that has been working on for some time and then you can use that for game submission. As long as it's patched enough to work, you can polish it some more after the jam.

More like, be willing to have it tested and see it broken. So that you can polish.

For now, my comment for overwriting a save is not in English. I'm trying this demo on an incognito. This will erase the saves. I suppose.


Would this monologue update also apply to demos?

Oh! I got this back from Gamejolt! I wonder what's the difference on this this time

Hmmm.. the turns can be a bit tedious later on but if I have the patience, I could enjoy it more.

I haven't tried it yet but keep it up, dev!

I see. At least, we can still see you're active, dev. Guess I'll just test this game out before the updates.

Lije community · Created a new topic It's been a while..

I wonder what's the update on this. There has been no updates since.

Keep up the good work, really. It may be fiction but it exists. We just don't see it.

Thank you for this short story.

This is sweet. Thank you, dev.

The screen just blocked out. I guess it's the end, then. Thanks for the experience.

Oh, new updates but I don't see any changelogs.

Yep. My Ungoogled Chromium didn't work and using the official Chrome too. It only worked on Edge. Welp. At least I can play this.

Thanks! It's actually bit of both. I guess it depends on how the devs would balance the advantages and the perceived morality on this. And yes, probably ask for forgiveness.

I might be downloading something else. I don't have music.

What's the engine used?

Hmmm. I guess it's app related but you might want to change the settings of your upload.

I think I missed this but is there a way to level up or at least, level up stats aside from bonuses from the blessings?

I don't mind the spoilers though. But hmm. It makes me think if I should free her or not at the cost of free heals and some easy but pricey pots.

I'd like to say that this is a good!

Not affiliated and not condoning with the modder, got it!

Line's Spicy Journey for a Reunion

Huh. This feels more like a journal and commentary. It's also fun, in a way.

I've got a bug or probably unintentionally left over. When art is disabled, the art in Status menu is still there.

Yay! Thanks!

By the way, can we know what engine you use to make this prototype and the full game?

Oh! Godot, huh. Well, looking forward to the update! 

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!