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A fascinating little diversion! Quite simple - but the expert presentation carries it through. I've spent too much time already with it, but I think I might just keep trying.

Thank you for giving it a try! I felt like taking a big risk and just putting out a first effort that was very self-indulgent - if it was accepted as it was, then that means a lot. :)

A fun little animation! I played through it a few times, clever how they are all running hither and tither until it's too late.

This was a beautiful way to connect memories of a bygone era with the physical experience of a peaceful, isolated walk. 

Probably the most personally touching visual novel I've read in a long time. I'm struggling to find the words to describe my experience, other than I can tell a simply amazing amount of love and effort went into it, and not just to put virtual paintbrush and inkpen to virtual paper - it touches on a lot of ideas and themes that aren't easy to even talk about, let alone express so beautifully.

I struggle a bit to think of myself as a kinkster, since there's not a lot I've done irl or any trauma I can point to. But I saw a lot of myself in every major character. Their desires all felt very real, despite how brutal and bizarre they were.

I wish I could say how this has changed me, but words fail. Do I understand myself better? Other people? The world? Maybe.

Thank you so much. I'll be thinking of the erotic and horrifying parts of this VN a lot.

A short but very cute and fun game! My fav part was just standing in the MILF's stomach for a bit and hanging out with the cute girls.

Such beautiful, evocative prose here. I enjoyed biting the gnomecaps, swimming in the Lymph, and trying to summon the Child-Eater. There's a lot that's implied but the surreal language gives the eldritch yet playful feel of the story. 

May be worth drawing a map.

A strikingly unique premise for a collection of games, really changed my whole perspective on narrative forms!

So many themes approached here, from grief and loss, to curiosity and determination, to Kafkaesque humor. I'm just lacking the words to describe the whole experience from so many different creative minds.

A very understated experience, as there's very little backstory - you're looking for the buried flower of the title. But the pacing is very key, as the mystery of why this floral goal is significant, and what lengths you'd go to get it, are heavily implied. I went through a few times.

That's so great to hear, thank you!

Thanks for checking it out!

A great read, captures the fairytale feel by emphasizing actions and giving feeling with a detached tone. I'm not sure what it represents but I think it said a lot about difficult decisions and alienation.

I think I got all the messages from the soil. I felt compelled to pass them on.

I tried several times.

Probably the best portrayal of internet messaging I've seen in fiction. It really gets the feel of how the message can blur reality, but also the details like typos and how even the change of a profile icon can have great meaning when it's timed just right. 

A short bit of silly fun! Liked the aspect of figuring out how it worked. :)

Awesome use of the visual novel medium. The placement of text, transitions between scenes, and music are just some of the parts that weave into a jarring whole, suggesting a sinister narrative but never showing us just quite what is going on.

I loved the use of surreal, reaction-image-like pictures to give this a disjointed feel.

Super cute, great use of different perspectives. Did you get the easter egg when you try to go out the front door? :) The dialogue reminded me of a lot of adorakable conversations I've really had.

A game that's amusing in it's difficulty. I gave it a good try, there's great surreal humor in it but I don't think I have it in me to beat it.

Probably the creepiest thing I felt actually amused by. One of my most formative experiences was a childhood nightmare where I actually felt myself slowly waking up after being confronted with a monstrous image. I don't know if it was sleep paralysis, but I always think about that most terrifying experience of mine when the topic comes up. Just looking through the different options made me tense about continuing, and yet I felt I had to see all the combinations.

A bizarre kind of story, felt like it nailed the dreamlike feel. I liked how a lot was subtly implied, layers underneath a fragment.

The most compelling take on a text adventure I've seen in a long time! The usual environmental descriptions are filled with relatable thoughts of battling mental illness, a slight twist but it has a major impact as even the few simple commands it has become daunting.

The struggles here felt so real, like where you find the gloves and suddenly remember that you put them there the whole time.

This was a wonderful little read! I vaguely knew of the ZX Spectrum from YouTube videos that talked about things like retro computer hardware and games of yesteryear, but this gives a little more background and context before discussing some games of the time. Using an appropriate font was fun, like I was reading the intro screens for the games themselves.

I was most impressed by what this early software achieved for a budget system! I've played Elite Dangerous without ever knowing it had such longstanding roots. And as kids would often make due with hand-me-down electronics like a VCR when grownups moved on to DVDs, I related to the author's mention of getting this system as an obsolete yet functional device.

An interesting, short game! I had fun just poking at it, maybe I learned something about designing a super short game. 

That was the goal, pleased you enjoyed!

Amazing! Reminds me of simple bullet hell/maze navigation games I enjoyed in retro arcades way back when. It's just the essentials of "get items, avoid getting hit' but it manages such tension despite being forgiving enough that you effectively have infinite 'lives'. And the homemade sfx are adorable and lend to the cute feel of the game. 

Of course! Always look forward to your work!

A wonderful story of two unlikely lovers! The author explores a lot about how it can be exciting but awkward to navigate a new lover - both the main characters have their own approach in feeling the other out, Febe being timid but sure of how she feels, yet Marisol's confidence only going so far when it comes to knowing her own feelings! 

This author does a wonderful job depicting how giant-sized people might interact with human-sized ones, such as the dangers of an exclusive bar for giants and how a differently-sized couple might show affection (and what counts as first base)! It made me envious of both the lovers.

This is a short but beautiful story. Though it's told from the point of view of a very lonely, possibly self-destructive person, it explores both characters well - though the voice of the author, I felt each of their feelings and related to their actions. 

It's also a wonderful exploration of what boundaries mean, even when they're being pushed. The mouse's careful exploration of a new world and the fox's gentle guidance are both wonderful representations of a healthy relationship.

it made me feel so hopeful. Please read it!

The strength of this fiction lies in its subtlety. It's rather dramatic in presentation, building tension and dread with the deliberate pacing over a short subject.

Mostly, there's a factual, disinterested style which heightens the horror of the action - but when the author chooses to add a touch of drama, it's piercing. The interactive choices shook me when they changed tone, when the responses got more emotional and personal, I felt it.

You might want to try different attempts through this.

A lovely short game! The premise of being a girl who is a mouse but also trans opens a lot of potential that gets used to good effect, placing the player in a precarious position but with humor and sensitivity.

Loved going through and getting each ending, all make sense in context despite the very wide differences in tone with every outcome!

Gave it a go, thought I'd show off.

A very adorable idea! The simple graphics and mechanics make it seem like a fun 'beer and pretzels' kind of game to play with some friends who have a good sense of humor.

A beautiful game. I felt such strong emotion that I had to pause several times, walk away, and return soon after - several times while playing. I wish I could describe how it made me feel, as it is neither entirely sad, hopeful, erotic, or neurotic, but a sublime mixture of all of the above. 

It had many themes that were made familiar to me due to my own paraphilias and neurodivergence, but also gave me an intriguing glimpse into a mind very unlike my own. 

The aesthetics (visually, auditory, and composition) serve the game very well, as they are also neither ugly nor beautiful, but somehow an artful way of being both and neither.

Very cute, jokey games that are fun to play! Not as old as the big Flash sites of yesteryear but if you remember those kinds of games, or just have a love of the absurd, you'll have a great time poking at these adorable digital toys featuring my favorite stick figure ever. :)

I love the simple artwork, it supports the lighthearted yet sincere tone of the story. 

The writing is spot-on. Even if it's from a limited first-person POV, the character comes through with each line as she notices little details and her mood subtly but strongly changes.

Using shared experiences and a love of cooking is a great way to carry this small love story. 

A very fun, kinky game! It's got a cute premise and while the puzzles are simple, they feel fair and provide enough challenge to draw the player in. The production values are nice, the character art and the voice acting are both well done. Good for fans of involuntary TF and cowgirls! Very impressive for PWYW!

A very cute visual poem, but the content speaks volumes about loneliness and longing.

A beautiful experience, simple but it suggests a lot more 'under the hood'.