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yup, i do have 2 animalistic tattoos

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Yeah I've figured out that I can replenish it with my invigorate each day to continue playing the game. The same goes for dream

However, even after that, each day I have to do it to be able to play. It's somewhat annoying.

Even if I end with 100 energy, after I press next day it just goes back to 14 or 16

P.S. no errors when ending the day

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I've created this account because I've encountered smth quite annoying

My energy simply doesn't reset after sleeping. It's stuck on 14 and nothing happens the next day

I've tried editing the save files, I've set my energy to 200, energy max to 200, energy modifier untouched and still, when i get into the game, with the 200 energy i press next day and it goes down to either 14 or 16 and there is no way to get energy otherwise

I'm not really adept at coding/figuring out what is going on but if anyone could help/advise me, it'd be much appreciated