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I think is the nicest comment I've ever gotten on this project, thank you 💕

That's awesome!

Very cool that someone put up a flyer, it wasn't me. I should do that here in Newcastle sometime. Similarly, no idea why it was pulled down.
Glad you found it time!

A great collection of missions, all presented in a simple but effective layout. At first glance it looks like raw text, but your quickly realise an intentional choice has been made with regards to the presentation. 

I look forward to mining these missions for inspiration.

thank you so much for such a thorough review.

Heads up, game is on sale for 100% off for the duration fo the jam.

If you like Section 5, why not check out it's companion game Assault Fleet Centauri? If you like Space Socialism and Battleship Carrier Hybrids, it's the game for you.

Hello Officers!

Seeing as this is an early access game, we wanted to give you a place to share feedback.
Feel free to share any constructive feedback you have about the game here.
Be it related to mechanics, setting, the formatting, or even just typos. 

Hi everyone, wanted to make this as a place for you to ask question about how the game works.

If you have any questions about game mechanics, check here first.
If no one has answered your question yet, then ask away and we'll try to answer it for you.

Good Hunting <3

thanks 😅

I hope you'll have a chance to play it 😉

an awesome read, thanks for sharing!

Loved reading your summery, and how you filled things in.

Amazing, beautiful, absolute perfection.
Ironically, a universally useful RPG supplement.

This looks like a really awesome conversion! Great work!

What an awesome concept and execution! 
This plays with form in such a creative way, I have to play it!

Looks like a neat adventure, and you did a good job with the formating!

This looks like a great adventure, and it's really cool to see someone specifically shout out dungeonpunk.
Can't wait to give this a try!
5/5 stars.

I'm using this as an excuse to finish of my Power Rangers inspired game Super Sentinels Neo.

I actually came here to see if anyone had asked about Character Sheets.

I'm thinking of breaking convention for the Character Sheet, that is not adhering to the jam when I make it.

(1 edit)

If you'd like to hear how Make Our Own Heaven is played, Jeff has an actual play up on Party Of One podcast.

Earlier this month I made the bare bones version of my game for the TRAN FUCKING RAGE JAM. 
With this jam I'm hoping to refine the book, I've got a list of things to expand and improve.

The game is Reclaim Eternity, and the pitch is fringe cyberpunks and outcasts killing Gods Cyberangels, ripping out their guts, and using those to modify your body so you can kill more angels. All so you can steal gods miracle medical tech and use it to help those he rejects. 

So I'm going to be using the jam as an excuse to polish up my lumen game. Part of that is I'd like to give it a little playtest.

I thought it might be cool to maybe do an exchange, I playtest your game, you playtest mine type deal.

Any interest in trying to do something like that?

Love it, almost wish there was more!

It's like a cat I can carry with me that expresses disgust on my behalf.

This is amazing work 10/10!

A playlist I made inspired by Reclaim Eternity.
Hope it helps psych you up before making a run on heaven.

"God is real, and He is Our Enemy." - Old Reclaimer Heretic Proverb

This looks SICK!

The lovely people over at the Technical Difficulties podcast just released an actual play episode where they took a look at LLDR.

First off, game is explicitly a commentary on the twin evils of colonialism and capitalism. It's not an Adventuring game.

Second, this comment and others you have left all across the site demonstrate a contempt for the games you are commenting on.

All art is political, either explicitly or implicitly. 

This game is clearly not what you are looking for, but you knew that before you commented. It's a Biopunk game, of course it's gonna deal with political themes. You are clearly out here commenting on bad faith.

I don't want your money, or your patronage. Get outta my comments.

Ah yes, I found the typo you are referencing. How the heck did I use a bracet in place of an O?

thanks for spotting! And thanks for buying the game.

I'll be rolling out typo fixes soon.

Yes, correct 😊

Love what you've made here, an I love that shot of Mars too.
The layout is clean, an a nice show of your skill. I like the triangles.
The text is perfect, giving you just what you need to get going. A little bit of evocative text, the mechanics, some tools for randomisation. Love it. An excellent showing.

This is so sick! 

I'm loving reading through the pdf. Thank you for making something so cool.

Such an amazing thing you've created 🧡

I was thinking about that the other day while reading Sidney's Twitter thread about 3 Question Matrix, wargames, and OSR.

I will admit, the dice rolling is mostly there because the act of rolling a first full of dice is fun. But it also introduces the slight possibility of failure. 

Oh like self sacrificing, or sort of All or Nothing time things?

"When you have nothing left to loose..."
"When you put everything on the line..."

I think it's an interesting idea, what happens when they run out of points?

Been soaking in the stuff others have made and going over the progenitor text and I think I know what I wanna do.

I'm gonna make 2 half classes/playbooks focused around makers of things. Drawing inspiration from the Peasant right? Like how it has half a page of special moves rather than a full page. Idea being you can take these to reflect some earlier time in your life where you worked a more mundane profession.
An then I might make some lists of items themed around those two artisans/crafters.
I want one to be a Blacksmith, not sure what the other will be yet. 

Coming in late, but I've been having fun making play sheets and character keepers lately.
Is there any need for something like that? 

Also might make a little collection of gear lists, seeing as my brain is in that mode at the moment too.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it 💖

I don't often hear about people having played my games, so it means a lot to me that you got in contact.

Thank you for playing and commenting 🥰