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hey I've got a question. I've made a new character, wanted him to be a Dominant fucker (Fuck them all without getting fucked) but I dont get options for battlefucks. Always going full Nelson, takedown, Judo Throwing them Kicking them over but the only options I've got in battle are "Plop Down" and "Grab it". Arent there Options to dominate the enemy, do I need to take a specific course of actions or do I need a specific Skill set for that? Pls help

Thank you. It was a pain in the Ass to find because i didnt knew what folder i was looking for and i had  over 400 in Android/Data/ but i found it ;) 

Hey I need help(Android):

First thing: the app didnt Update it just installed, Seeds of Chaos is now 2 times on my phone, new and old version.

Second thing: my save files aren't on the new Version. Pls help.

could be. Didnt encounter that item yet.

Guess this Topic is Old but I've got a Question too.

I've just tried what happened If you get a high lady of the night rank and it changed my class from Warrior to Prostitute and it says I lost some Combat Abilities? As I looked for my skills there were all there and I even unlocked Magic so I have even more Options? I dont get it, where is the Catch in being a Prostitute in this game? I can just make thousands, do a few fights to get my Dignity up and Confront the Dark Knight or am I getting that wrong?


I just stumbled upon something, and I hope it is a Bug. If "The Hunger has gotten the better of you" and you stumble upon the Merchant that sells Meats for 2 gold, and you bought all his meats before, he wont have any meat and you just get the 8 food he gives you normally. Would be nice if it would restock after each time you meet him.


Btw. Forgot to mention,

To get the cursed Armor off just go to the Haunted town and you can buy a Anti Curse scroll for 25 gold.

I see you got the Armor of Anal Torment. And I'll have to say you are literally Fucked now until you find a way to remove it ;) because you dont have a free cock with this thing but an Open Anus for Anyone to Enjoy ;) 

I for my self made my first Char a Bitch who is still wearing this with 0 dignity and being a total slut. But if you stumble upon the dark night with no dignity you are fucked so try to get something to break that curse or just make a new char. My current Char is a Cunning level 16 Warrior who is Anally and Orally a Total Virgin but fucks literally anything fuckable and I just avoided taking the armor at the Outpost ;)

Anyone has a guide how to beat her? Trying for a few Hours now. She always pummels me down with a few hits. I'll have a Paladin 8 strength 10 Endurance 7 Agility 3 Perception  3 Magic and 6 Charisma. Armor break level 2, Feint attack level 1, Stonewall, Combat Heal 3. Hypnotise 

Tried the method from Avaricious but because of my low Mana I can just use Hypnotise wich doesn't stop her from anything at all. she hurts me even through stonewall and I always just get her to about 90% of her health. All other Enemies I've encountered so far are a Piece of Cake even those Vamp/Succubus Twins apparently the second doesnt even fight she just jerks you off. I don't cound insta Game Overs like the Mountain Queen (Snake), the Spider and the Dark Godess in the temple. Could it be that the Cursed Armor prevents me from beating her? That would be bad because I dont have a way to remove it, because to get to the last city I would've had to go through the Mountain and I tried its insta death. I'm actually getting frustrated with that Dark Knight bitch. At first that scene is a Gorgeous view but if you see that for Hours over and over it turns from Errection to Annoyance. Please help. Also I am level 13 so if I need to level more or learn specific skills tell me :)

Thanks Friendly Guy.

Quick Question: I'm at the Orkish Warband and Choose to side with the Warband leader. I was Hunting presents until they said no more need for Hunting she is Satisfied. As I spoke to the Warband Leader he said shes still angry and I need to get more presents but the Option isnt there Anymore because they said that it would be enough.

Do I have to find a Present somewhere or isnt that implemented yet?

Definitely the best Game I played in a long time. Like being evil in Games. Sadly sometimes it feels like I'm not allowed to be as naughty and evil as I want ;) And to one of the comments below, I let The twin Take Helayna and choose Might is Right. But at least at the moment no one plotted something against me and even that old dwarf gave me a Blowjob ;) Wife works at the Library. Would be nice if she learned some witchcraft there or something. Currently visited the Capital, cant progress further there, found the Orks , cant progress finding Gifts(Not implemented Yet?). 

Someone has a Tip to get more income? 

Have currently -24 income but it's like 5 weeks after I choose Might is Right and nothing Bad happened... least not to me which is good, i took the castle and a Village, found the Ork Encampment but cant find anything to do on the Map. Any Tips there too?

Thumbs up to Venusnoiregames that Game is Awesome. My Approach (what I am trying):

Being Naughty, but stay strong (not letting him being seduced easily), playing along with the Twins, and trying to corrupt the 'Hero' and his Wife into wanting all that Evil Stuff ;)