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Unofficial Mobile port of Friday Night Funkin'

A topic by Gifted Gummy Bee created Mar 03, 2021 Views: 15,023 Replies: 42
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Yes, there is an unofficial port of the game for mobile, but don't blame me if you can't even play a single song, it may be due to your device


I trust mediafire, you should too

holy shit its a gifted gummy bee

Giv gumdrip

is it for iOS?

no but you can try foned in on itch io


Friday Night Funkin' but bad is amazing


ikr but i got earraped by week 4


You had to have expected it, it was loud and the parts where they sung together, that's where the earrape is


texting chats be like

B-side is hell, using a d-pad is hell too

When B-side spookeez is easier than normal spookeez


your profile is from roblox bee swarm

Yup, Gummy items look good

wait do a vid about it

Other people have, but I might think about it, though it will be low quality and suck


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sadly i cant use this unofficial port since i dont have an android i have to settle with Monday night bloxin a roblox game

Have you played the other games that are similar to that? Like basically Fnf, Funky Friday, and More Fnf

yeah actually played all of those but not on mobile once since id need a friend  on to even play

More fnf lets you play songs on your own, just go to the right side of the stage

i know but i feel like i wont be used the the mobile controlls on more fnf mobile

Maybe they'll add an update where you can change to d-pad controls


it said mobile so  it doesn't have to be android plus ive seen people use it on iphone

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you do know that apk files only work on android right?

there is a way to download fnf on ios link: 

another link : 


i downloaded this it works fine but the crashing can't be stoped no matter what so after like a few songs it go's *complete silence* and then almost destroys yor phone but hey its probably my device

Maybe, try downloading the new versions of it, it actually fixes things

im on another version i think it shows the character icon next to the song, and the game icon is keiths icon so maybe im using another version but the mobile port i use is the latest version

Yup, that one is the latest version so far

Going to start putting some mods here

It Crashes on some transitions when playing story. On easy it works but normal and higher week 2, 4, 5 and 6 crash during the transition to the second or third song. Is there a fix for those crashes or is it hardware related. I usually dont have those crashes with other apps. Galaxy s8+ Android 9 Pie if that helps.

the only week I can do on the mobile port is week 6 ;-;

Damn, seems like people have poopoo phones, ima post the optimized version soon (If I can find it)

Ima create a new topic with an optimized one, and no it will not have week 7, nor will I post one here with week 7

just go to if your itching to play Friday night funkin on phone or tablet

d-did u just make that joke?

oh wait I didn’t know I made a joke there😂

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why tf did i laugh

its iOS and Android