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This looks so cool! I just wish there was a Mac version for me to play. Is there a plan to have this also on Mac?

Hi there!

So I have a question about the game. I had bought the pre-order a while back but now that the game is out (I think it's out anyway?) I've not recived anything, did I purchuse something differant?

Seems that way. I've tried to now download from this site on the desktop app and the main site in the browser to the same results. When trying to download from the browser, it opens up suggested games but no download starts at all.

Interesting thing but the download for the Mac file doesn't happen at all when I hit the button. Possibly an issue here?

Any time!

At least you did eventually get around to an update of sorts though! Thanks for a little blurb either way and I personally hope that life gives you the time you want to do what you wish for most!

Same issue for Mac version of the game as well.

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Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up! Does that mean that 0.3.1B is an older version then?

Can someone clear up which version is the most up-to-date on here? I mean I'm fine with going to patreon as well but I'm a little confused by the lettering system.

You need to go to the dorm rooms with the help of Mcgonigal's tour. Then you go to the clothse lines to pick up the garments. You need to ask the Sorting Hat to varrify the right ones.

That's great news! Well I'm not one to rush anybody. I hate when folks push content creators like they are EA or something...I like to think of myself as the random on reddit type; still wishing for an update but would rather help production in some way rather then yell at the creators lol

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Game breaking bug for Mac addition of this game; when one of the Rat spankers does the tenticle attack on the MC, it removes the hot bar from the battle and thus causing the game to be unplable. After shutting the game down and repooting it, the save file still has the MC immobalied in battles but she can still fight anyone that get's close.

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"After a nearly 2 month hiatus while real life has been screwing with me..." I hope your doing ok dude, this game is supper awesome and I'd love to see it confinue!

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Well, I'd say that, from my stay with the Discord, the Patreon page when I found it and here, I'd say that this project is DOA. There has been no word at all from the original creator on their disappearance. It's a real shame as this was such a cool story and creative use of the engine. Unless we at least have an update soon, I will just continue to watch from the sidelines and wait to see if anything happens. Though, I think this project may have a better chance of life again if someone else were to pick it up.

*OP Dec 26th*

Hmm, seems all quiet on the front here. Well, I'll stick around for a bit and see what happens. This isn't my first sub to a game creator so I'm used to long waits :)

*Update Dec 29th*
It's been quiet on the discord as well; Most comments that I've seen, if any at all, state that hope is lost on this project. In an effort to keep things updated and let everyone know as much as can be known, I shall keep a running log of any updates or summary of comments that I can gain. So far, what you see is what you get. To get the 3rd chapter, you can sub to see the link and download it if you're at least ok with that. I'll stick it out still to hopefully find any news and also support any RL issues that may have happened and get this off again. As of now, this project is being funded at $75 a month, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. I'm funding at the highest amount at this time, though I can already hear the comments in my head from readers of this asking why. It's because RL happens and I can only hope that, financially, this might help. The last post from the summer was indicating some kind of issue on abuse of the Patreon system or payment system in general. Further, comments from the creator show that in a joking manner or not, could be worried about paying down his bills. This is all assumption at this time but with several posts talking about the same thing and a few comments between here and Discord as well, it's a safe bet I'd think. Anyway, this is your December update from me, Raxynus, from the inside looking out. Stay safe, stay strong and keep hope everyone!

Follow the provided link if you'd still like to support this project like I do!

I love the games so far. They have great story elements and very well done graphics. The build-up as well has been great and the writing is nicely done. So far, seems that people have left after the last update in July, which I would understand. However, I still decided to become a donator on the Patreon side. This may be wishful thinking, but I also know that real life happens, and I don't want to give up just yet. One thing that made it hard to support, at least for me, was that the links to Patreon were not working in the game itself. Whether on purpose or not, I don't know, but I did my own digging and found the page. So, if you are like me and maybe want to help somebody who could be in a slump and creates good content, I'd say check out the link to his page here.

Link for Patreon

Supper excited for you guys!

Very funny and nicly put together. My only drawback was that the translation for some words were a bit spotty at times but otherwise was well done and didn't break the game at all, just a bit annoying. Overall, give this a shot if you'd like a good, short game to play.

Well, I hope you were able to play the game by now becuse...without giving anything away, it really is way more simplified then what you thought prior to playing.

Playing the game is pretty funny. What you read here is pretty straightforward; you are a strategist for the democratic party and are planning the next election. However, what this game really is...I honestly don't know. I found it funny and just fun/mindless time waisting but I feel bad that I don't really understand the concept or the message. Is it that the system is broken? Well, either way, you can't beat a free game and it's still fun to dink around with!

Wonderful news! Keep up the great work you're doing fantastic!!

Anybody know where I can throw money at this and produce a game? No seriously though, I love this demo and I really would love to play this!

The version was 0.1.5. Is that not a good version? I just tried deleting it now so I could re-download it but the file is gone. I assume that means you are working on an update or a patch for the current game.

Good idea, but I can't access a .ini file. Mac's don't have those kind of files. At the moment, the game will run but I have no way of saving progress, seeing the UI properly and it seems that video's that play still have sound for now but the visuals are very distorted. Is there a menu in the game to find this async that you mentioned?

Just tried to play the game (Mac version) with the jar file and...well it's stuck with a enlarged screen and the only way I can even get to the game proper is if I skip the intro. Anybody know a fix?