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Ooo that level 9.. I mean it wasn't entirely unexpected given its creator is a giant [puzzle craftsman].

Fun little  game ended up playing it twice.

How do you switch to HTML mode? And can you provide a working example? It would be nice if spoiler tags were an option, like [spoiler]hidden text[/spoiler], or [hidden]hidden text[/hidden].

I got this as part of a bundle and I ended up loving it! Here's all my wins with each team:

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Minor Spoiler:

@abhimonk @Ghost_wave

I played the game twice and winning or losing the minigames doesn't change the outcome.


Based on the truck driver's conversation the MC might have some underlying medical condition besides being drunk and hung over (maybe it's the reason he got drunk in the first place). There doesn't seem to be a connection between the minigames and the story to me, or if there is then it's a very loose one.. At least the fishing club actually exists in the story. I also noticed death was mentioned as a theme and the game's description calls it a "ghost story", but I'm not sure where they fit in. As for the title of the game, the fish are probably clairvoyant.

I've never been more proud of myself for spelling six 4-letter words.

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Jumping doesn't seem to be responsive when sprinting uphill or downhill. When jumping from a ledge running uphill I expected extra upward momentum but sometimes I end up dropping like a stone. It would be nice too if we could get small speed boosts from running downhill, and maybe extra forward momentum from jumping downhill. Just some food for thought.

Some other points:

  • Spikes and such should reset whenever you win or die to reduce randomness.
  • Needs some banging music tracks.
  • Give sound effects for everything to make the game feel more alive (walking, running, jumping, landing, shooting spikes, wind wooshing if/when you're going insanely fast, etc etc).
  • Maybe move the player back to the start when they die instead of a Game Over to keep the action going?
  • The overall total number of deaths for a level could be the minimum number of deaths instead, so players could make a goal of 0 death runs for each level.
  • An option to make the player run by default and use Shift for walking would be nice.
  • A way to make it clearer what killed a player. For example in level 3, if anything kills a player from above or behind then it's hard to tell what they did wrong.

Scored 620 Normal mode on my first playthrough. Fun game!

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Great game! Here's some UI suggestions:

  • Adding more hotkeys, ex: C or Spacebar to confirm, Esc or E to close, G to toggle the grid, and the number keys for selecting upgrade types.
  • Selecting E from the Esc menu switches to edit mode.
  • Scroll wheel to cycle between upgrade types.
  • Click-dragging from blue squares to the edge to preview an upgrade, and then releasing to apply upgrades, or maybe adding the WASD keys to apply upgrades?
  • Basically it would be nice if I didn't have to move the mouse around the whole screen to do edits.
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So I found and spun five pinwheels in my travels. I guess that makes me a pinwheel enthusiast? (also I'm shouting???)

I won twice as much :DDD

Great game. It would be nice if you could make a version for apple/android devices.