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Hello there! I'm a 2d artist, and I think I could definitely pull off a style like this. DM me on discord TomaNeko#1176 if you'd like to see some examples ^^

Excuse me?

This was really fun

Oooooh, thank you. I think you should probably leave a link for that in the description in case there's others like me. But thank you for helping me out ^^

I downloaded the game, and I went to open it so that I could play it, but a screen pops up saying "How do you want to open this file?" and it gives me a few options. Pressing any of the options just gives me a jarbled thing of code.

Hey, I'd really like to play your game, but I'm having trouble opening it.

Oh okay. Well I hope to see where you go with it. I think it's kinda neat. Like if Danganronpa had to come out on a ds or something.

Huh.. Never thought I'd see something like this before. Looks interesting though. Is it going to be straight up Danganronpa 1 though? Like word for word?