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Sounds like a great work!

Damn, this is amazing game. Two questions - is there a possibility to make a linux (ubuntu) standalone game package? And second question - music is amazing, who did it? Also ideas - as you progress to unlock raccoon gear - hats, jackets, also board gear - new wheel colors, more board shapes, deck grip colors etc. I also ride a longboard and I love raccoons so I really like the idea!

Great game! Really creative! I don't understand what is the letter for, but guess it is only for bonus points, right?

No problem. I was just curious...

Hi, just curious to ask - why the beta is on steam and not on itchio? I didn't used steam for over a year and am trying to recover my account there now... Itchio is more simple, this is why I like it. And also - I discovered you on Itchio.

Guys did you sent something? I checked my mail but see nothing so far...

Sure. I registered.

Okay. Let's do it. Should I download the publicly available demo version or is there an unofficial beta version? What should I download?

Define "balanced" - do you mean how easy the challenges are? Or if the progression is gradual or too steep? What would be the exact point of the test? Explain it to me and let me know where could I get the test-version. Also - what platform do you target? I am on Lubuntu, but can perform also some testing on a Debian native box.

I could try to help with the testing. But I am not experienced in testing games (just a bit of website testing and desktop apps, blackbox functional and integration testing mainly, some negative testing as well). Do you have any test cases/suites created? Or at least testing guidelines? I'm actually a developer, but have QA experience as well.

Cool! Can't wait for the final version!

I love this game and my son loves it too! We can't wait for you guys to finish it!