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Thank you so much for the donation, I'm happy you like them! I consider this pack finished, but the #2 will be extended the next few days, so it's worth to check back later.

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have been thinking about it for a good while. I have an unused account there, maybe I have a look at  it again to figure out how it works exactly.

Hello Everyone,

I decided to learn about the secrets of pixel art and I'd like to share my successes and mistakes with the community. Here is my first attempt –  the beginning of a long road:

I'm going to make one asset a day and update the pack on a weekly basis. You can follow up my progress on my Twitter feed.

Thank you so much, you are really kind!

Hi Blob :)  Sorry for the late answer, I don't have to much time nowadays, but I'll give it a try. Maybe it'll be useful for other developers too.

Hi Martin,

Thank you again! :)

I'm still not so good at vector graphics, need more practice to be able to make quality assets in this format. But I'll try it, I feel the need to obtain this knowledge.

Hi Paul, I uploaded a new version without gaps, hope the result is better.

Wow, super easy to use, works great!

Thank you! That's the plan :) But now I'm working on plants and other decor elements, hope those will be available soon.

Thank you for your suggestion, I started to work on it!

Hi dear all,

Newbie here! :) I just published my very first project, I hope it'll be useful for the community!