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Thank you so much. I am not an artist or animator, hell I wasn't even a programmer before I started, so I had to utilize what I could to make this as immersive as I could without looking to corny or lame. 

However, I have learnt so much developing this project, that my next one will allow me more time for the other aspects, such as the art side and other elements now that I have a fairly decent grasp of the programming side.

Thank you again!

I would like to introduce you to Parasitism!

Parasitism is an immersive psychological first person horror game centered around an atmospheric sci-fi setting. In which you make your way through a research vessel to piece together the story and find out what happened to the rest of the crew.

It is a short play, averaging about 30 mins. There are 10 AWARDS to ACHIEVE for those who love TROPHY hunting, along with many Easter Eggs to be found. There is very little hand holding, however it has standard controls with controller support, so it should feel intuitive. (I hope)

Many events within the game are dependent on what actions you take, giving a sense of a experience unique to you and each playthrough. I was also lucky enough to find some great voice actors to add more immersion and depth to the overall experience as well as elevate the need for reading out loud for those streamers out there.

I wanted to create a horror game that was different. I wanted to steer away from the quiet, dark rooms with a limiting flashlight cone of view.  My intent was to have a constant driving ambient presences with an overload of stimulus to all the senses. I want the player to feel like a cat when they experience immense stimulus, ears pinned back and eyes darting always trying to be vigilant for danger.

This was an experiment, to try something different, so please feel free to comment on anything that you particularly liked in the game. 

Hope you enjoy!

- RaVeN