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Not gonna lie, had some fun. Good stuff

Thank you so much!

Hello- big question regarding the demo code .
In the create event of the demo controller, there's a section that says 'Delete this in your project', but when I remove the section, collisions no longer work.

I looked through the event, and it looks like it just copies collision objects and re-creates them- I don't know why this allows collision and the original objects do not.

Thank you for your help!

Hey- great work here, looks fantastic. I appreciate your work and am looking forward to putting it to use!

This shit kicks my ass!

Looks great! Bet it pairs well with your other sets.

Love the art! Such a great concept too.

Really digging the resolution and the color palette! You do some great work.

Duuude this is cool as shit. I want to RELEASE THE ELDERS.

Awesome pack! Can't wait to dig into it and see how it fits with your other releases.

Hell yah dude

This looks incredible- I love your style and the line width you use. You should consider making something in this style and pixel density for a modern horror setting. If you are looking for freelance work, I'd strongly consider hiring you for that alone.