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A member registered Jun 14, 2017

Recent community posts

1. At first, he was quite annoying and I was really happy to slap him at some point though it was right at the moment where it became interesting. Let's say he became tolerable to actually sometimes cute. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters 'cause it's quite the cliffhanger you left here.
2. 15 fierce points and 15 kind points so going for the passionate ending though I forgot to save so have to redo all of it again. A skip button might be interesting in such a situation or an Auto button.
3. Like more than 2 hours? I didn't really check the time.
4. He's cute and loves cats.
5. 15 min? Again didn't check the time.
6. Difficult to say. I prefer Dimitri as a person I would say but Neil's route is more interesting right given the story is father ahead, though I see a lot of potential in Dimitri's route as well.
7. The one with the Avatar and Neil on the counter? But the one with Dimitri and the cat is also so cute. I love cat's so this one has a lot calling for it.
8. The Cinderella moment where I could slap Neil?
9. The intense moment between Neil and Avatar and mostly Neil's honest moments.
10. I would say reading the story. I'm a sucker for such stories. I also like the dressing part but I don't have that much patience when it's only free creating.
11. I think Caine and Sam!
12. I really like your story telling with suspense. A skip or auto button also might be good. I feel a little bad about rereading everything a bit 'cause it does take long and I'm eager to read the rest when there will be a new beta but I also do want the points I had back. There's a little bug with Dimitri's cat CG. His eyes stay on the screen even after the rest of the CG disappeared.

I'm really looking forward to the next beta. I'm not very patient but I know that it's a lot of work and I thank you for your time and work on this! I really enjoyed playing it through and will wait with more or less patience for the next update.