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Blitz3D 2? I'm in!

Very satisfying game mechanic <3

It does! Thanks a lot!

Would love to install this via the itch app, but unfortunately I get an error if I try that.

Exactly! The combination of a vast mausoleum with the (initially calm) Burricks was very imaginative. I guess the reason why I like it is because Thief always was more like a ghost story to me, than a pure steal simulator.

It's an acquired taste, I guess but personally I think Thief only benefits from having zombies

Schloss der Wölfe community · Created a new topic Feedback

Yay, another Pittman game! The atmosphere and idea are great, as usual. Implementation is flawless, everything works and it works well.

The gameplay is a bit monotone though, I think there could have been some more verticality and (simple) physics. Overall it was very easy, I beat it on first try. Killing Hitler with one shot only was very anticlimactic too.

(Also I really don't like the NPCs without limbs, they look quite goofy.)

Even with the criticism - great job!

What a great style.

Froze after collecting 11 eggs, I will assume I just won the game

Thank you! I planned more gameplay, but didn't have enough time. But it was really interesting to see how people played it at the exhibition - a lot of kids loved to flood the whole environment with too much rain... ;)

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Thanks again for playing!

In the beginning this was planned to be more like a tower defense - you would actually plant the trees (with a limited amount of seeds per round), and each time you have to survive a wave of rain clouds, sun-rays (that potentially can lead to forest fires) and maybe woodchoppers. To emphasize the message of climate change, waves would get crazier and crazier.

So yeah, now it's a relaxed sandbox, but definitely with potential for a puzzle game. I like the idea of forcing certain tiles always being forested. Another idea I just had would be adding huts with little people in it, and those need to be protected from floods.

Used some of the trees in a small "game", thanks a lot!

Yeah, and I already accepted it back then :-)

Okay, cool. Here is my Steam friend code: 10344213

Heya, tried to get my Steam key and it said "There are no keys available at this time, try again later"!

Still no chance to get a Steam key when buying the game on itch?

Super cute, hopefully there will be a Christmas edition ;)

I would buy it instantly on if I'd get a Steam key ;)

Damn leafo, are you everywhere? ;)

Heya, please tag the downloads, right now I can't use the game via the app because it doesn't know that one of the packages is for Windows.

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That's why you can destroy walls ;-) But yeah, maybe I should add some kind of marker when enemies are near