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Multiple attacks are in there for each weapon.

Do whatever you want, man.

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yeah you can buy the sprites for 5 dollars, and it comes with all of the code. i added a sprites only download option.

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i added sprites only in a rar. enjoy.

that will be 5 dollars my man

right on homie

this is written in Game Maker so youd have to do some translation

a wise man once said

get money get paid

Oh I think maybe this is an oversight on my part. 

In the create event of the god object, add this line

camLock = 0;

you mean if i just made a whole game for you? yeah you definitely would pay a good amount for that.

This is a bunch of code that you can use to learn how to do hitboxes and hurtboxes in an easy to manage way.

damn I wish I had 5 dollars :(

i dont even have the source code anymore lol

temporary sale 

I cannot. But you can!

Thanks amigo!

Here is a blog I wrote about this a little while ago. It isn't exactly the same as what it is in the project file, but its pretty close.

I will be releasing some documentation soon.

Yes I do! I haven't had time to finish it recently. If you've already bought the project before it gets added,  you'll still get access to the hitbox editor.

so far so good. the blood having a bit of a z axis adds a whole lot to the effect, even though its really subtle. 

There is a chance it could have online play in the future. However, since this is just an alpha demo, it wont be added for a while.

awesome! thanks for this! (also i fixed the junk ass controller problem)

They should be good to go now. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. I fixed the issue. Controllers should work as normal now.

The controller issue should be fixed now.

I fixed the controller issues. Sorry about that, folks.

That is awesome!

I'm not really sure what you need to know. The controls are on the game page. Where are you getting stuck?

Nice! Thank you!

We made this in Game Maker Studio.

The start button, of course!

Not yet!

Don't forget to leave us some feedback!

Great job buddy! Really proud of you!

here is a lil art game i made a few days ago. a lot of people like it a lot.