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Thanks mate. Let me know if you can think of any different tile types to add.

Let me know if there is a Hex type you would like to see added!

Thanks mate, this is an older game written in Delphi Pascal lol, I should re-write it in Unity....

If you hold your mouse pointer near the map edge, it will scroll.

Tactics wise: Deal with all the start undead near your villages first, then its only dealing with the waves coming in, by order of the closest to villages. 

Beef up garrisons in villages near the edge and leave the centre largely unprotected.

Mate, this is an outstanding game, well done. Magnificent work.

Someone has converted them all to R20 and uploaded it over there, so it works and there is a package for free on the site, so yes.

Not in the near future, people haven't donated me enough beers to do that amount of work!

Plus flat topped hexes are the way.

Thank you! Outstanding Asset Pack.

Thanks for making this available, hopefully I chipped in enough for a drink for you.


Thats fine as long as your app is, and remains free.

Go for it!

Fantastic work, bravo!

Thanks Eduardo!

Might need some instructions for this?

Great work mate

Fantastic effort mate, thanks!

Great work, these are gorgeous. 

Well done, these are beautiful. Great work!

Just made the changes to the water hex tiles as well now.

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Thank you for the heads up, I have fixed them up now!

Feel free to leave a comment, request different terrains, or offer suggestions.

Great work, thank you!

Great work, thanks very much!

Great work, thanks very much!

Magnificent work, thanks!

Very cool!

Great work, would love to see more from you.