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Ah cool - probably personal preference then? I did the beat mapping with osu, so it definitely lines up with the song tempo wise. I'm not super-familiar with rhythm game idioms, so it's possible there is some "game feel" voodoo you've grown accustomed to which I haven't implemented.

Right now if you hit the beat slightly off center the drum sound will also play off beat, and the window for hitting a beat is pretty permissive (like a quarter of a second). So if you are  consistently getting "Goods" instead of "Perfects" there will be a disconnect between your input  and the song, even though the game is grading you well. 

Anyway, thanks a lot for the extra info! If more people have issues with the rhythm game I'll look into the problem some more. 


I considered the inclusion of a tab feature, but ultimately omitted it as scope creep. If enough people ask I'll add it.

The notes should be following the song. If you don't mind, could you let me know if you are using one of the tested browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Chromium based)? Also, what OS are you accessing the game from? Do the notes scroll smoothly, or is there jitter?


Sounds like you are defocusing the game window when you press the pick up gun button. If you are playing on firefox shift - right click will do just this, so sprint with space on that browser, or use a chromium based alternative.

If you are not using firefox, are you playing on one of the recommended browsers from the description? Also make sure you don't have any extensions installed which bind an action to right click/alt or some control key + right click/alt.

Awesome! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks :)

Spore Wars is a story driven 2d platformer (because there aren’t enough of those) which features a compartmentalized damage system, highly satisfying 2d movement, and a range of colorful mushroom characters.

I hope you enjoy the game - any feedback is welcome!


Video I did on making the game: