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Pretty good! It's a really well made breakout clone! 

I love the funny cute sound effects! As for the game its generally breakout, the controls are a little harsh but its cool! Good job!!

Thank you, and thanks for playing!

Thanks! Regarding graphics, I am a pretty bad artist, so I tend to skim over them.. Something I plan to work on in my games! Thanks for playing!

Stunning art, great gameplay! Also was this made for TriJam 180? The description says 179...

Jumps aren't infinite, or shouldn't be! But you do have a double jump, which in small areas can seem infinite. Thanks for playing!

Well done! Super polished and fun!

I was on a time crunch, the level design was completely random, you got me there... Thanks for playing!

Thank you and thanks for playing!

The game was also submitted to the GMTK game jam where both things were fixed! The only reason I made the last level the way I did was to fit the theme in some way! Thanks for playing!

Yes the abilities ended up making the game slow and about patience, this was my plan, but it was executed very poorly... Thanks for playing!

Thanks! The whole game needs a lot of work, especially the controls.. :\ Thanks for playing!

The controls were quite mediocre, but thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

Wow, this is stunning, and to be made in just 48 hours, insane. well done!

Thanks! I'm glad I could give you a bit of entertainment! And unfortunately I did not have time for sound effects... :\  Thanks for playing!

Great game, can be a bit slow, but everything else makes up for that!

This was my plan, but the game just isn't very fun unfortunately.. Thanks for playing!

The rolls do make it very difficult, but that was the point! It's supposed to be a rage game, just executed very poorly... Thanks for playing!

The abilities, or rather debuffs, were meant to hinder you! The game is pretty terrible, but my only goal was to finish... Thanks for playing!

Yes, I knew the spikes were lackluster, unfortunately I didn't have time to fix that, and I didn't originally intend to publish to Dev League, that's why the theme is sort of not present... Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll take your feedback into consideration while I finish for the GMTK jam!

Great game overall! It's pretty difficult, and I'd say a tad bit unfair at times, but it still manages to be an insanely fun and polished experience! Great job!

Wow! Such a well polished and interesting game in less than 24 hours! Well Done!

This is a true masterpiece, great job.

Thanks for playing! It makes my day everytime I get a comment like this so thanks a bunch friend!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for making a walkthrough!

Sorry you had a bad experience. This was a demo made in the free version of Construct 3. There is a full version of the game on my page. I hope that suits you better!

I've reduced the fall speed in hopes to make it a little more fair! Thanks for playing!

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I personally thought that the bullets and ship should collide with the Earth. It would make the game really hard, but I personally think it would be fun. The meteor bug is weird, it happens at random intervals. It wasn't too bad as most of the time it might spawn right next to the Earth and you have a second. But there was two times while I was playing that it spawned on the Earth and immediately I took damage. 

But you did a great job! The game is really polished and pretty damn fun!

This was insanely fun for a game jam game! The only two comments I have is that the meteor spawning is a little broken as the way I died was meteors spawned on the edge or inside the earth and I took damage immediately without having a chance to shoot them. The only other thing is, since you can go inside the Earth, the best strategy becomes sitting inside the Earth, and never moving. 

It's really bad, don't bother. 

Sounds great! I'll be watching for when you release that! 

Awesome idea, a good tutorial is really all it's missing. I couldn't really grasp the concept due to the lack of knowledge. Still great work!

Yes! I got tired of making levels, I decided to make a final really difficult one. If it's too difficult I can adjust it! I'm planning on overhauling this game a bit in the future. Thanks for playing! :DD

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I did it within the constrains of free Construct logged into an account! This increases the limit to 40 events. The project file is availible for download in my discord. The game meets all requirements for the free edition when logged in! The spikes can be fixed quite easily. Just a slight oversight on my part. Thanks for playing!

This triple A title is mind-blowingly underrated. Randy's abilities and military genius show him to be an essential character in the history of games.