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there are quite a few bugs with the game but its still playable. (such as how the obstacles have trouble spawning sometimes)

lol, I saw it. From Minimalistic Jam 3.

Oh. I understand if things get a little hectic at times and you want to move on to different projects,  I was just a little disappointed.

Ok, I will try that game.

ps. no problem,  I am just giving suggestions

Thanks, I know 4 minutes to do as many laps as possible is quite a long time and you easily get bored so thanks for finishing it. My high score is three laps.

Why is it the last Minimalistic jam?

Thank you for playing my game, I know it gets repetitive quite quickly  so only playing one minute of my game is already mind blowing to me.

I love the Game, I spent hours trying to find new outcomes!

Thank you

how do you break though the door, at the very start

Thank you for your compliments and your feed back.  I literally jumped with joy when I read your message!

This game has a lot of potential and I want you to make the best possible version of this game. So I want to give some feedback to this game. The game ends very quickly because the "blobs" multiply too quickly. It would be better if you only start of with three or four cells and and slowly multiply from that. Another thing I would want to add is the menu section. If each of the buttons can make a greater or a more "obvious" difference, I would be more fun.  One last suggestion, maybe you can change how different "blobs" react to each other. Like maybe the settings can change make it so specifically colored blobs can only do specific things ect. 



I don't mind if the block moves very slow but the controls need to be more responsive.  Sometimes the player goes opposite the direction I want it to go and it kind of ruins the game. One more thing about the controls, is the WASD keys or arrow keys I use to control the player? if it is, it doesn't seem to work. 

By the way, I really like the name of your game and the idea, it has a lot of potential.

This game seems very interesting and I know It would be fun. However, You never specified your controls or how you play your game. The only information I have is from the words that pop up at the start of the game and the pictures and GIFs you have. I would be very thankful if you would specify the aim of the game and the controls :).



Can you make it so we can play the newest version on mac?

I can't Download Raft Multiplayer because it is only for window and I don't know how to update raft on Mac! Please help!

But how do you go to the game files?