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Thanks for releasing the Linux build <3

Where are the Linux and Mac builds? :(

Enjoyed quite a lot the game! Well done :)

It sounds amazing... Congrats!

Hello! I am making Super Match Deluxe!

It's a simple retro local-multiplayer football/soccer game. 

The game needs more animations, characters, and background, so any help in this area would be immensely helpful! Also, ideas and feedback are always welcomed.
It's a collaboration, so it's meant to be fun and unpaid. :) 

I am still adjusting the gameplay, so hope to find some bugs to be fixed soon. You can try it here:

If you want to participate, please send me a message on Discord: Klaus#0474
See you!

That is really nice, Rafa! Would you mind if I bother you on Twitter DM? I'd like to chat a little bit about how you approach game dev in general and the publishing part as well. I am following you there now, so if you follow me we can communicate :D My handle: @raphaklaus

Btw, you are Brazilian too! :D

Hey! Amazing game, and super happy to see that as an Open Source project! I've just got to know that you will be on Nintendo Switch early this January 2021! Kudos on that!! I have wish-listed your game there ;)

Btw, do you plan to have "Godot Engine" splash screen on the Nintendo Switch version? 

I was inspired by the old Sumo Volley, an old ICQ game, and a Rayman mini-game. But yeah, there are plenty of other types of this game out there. We are following a pixel-retro minimalistic aesthetics. I loved the wind idea! Thanks for that!

Here are the graphics we are using (made by Wictor Fontes):

Yes! I am collaborating with an artist on this one now! Finally :D

Hey! Thanks for reaching. Currently I am focus on Godot Engine, so I can't help you with that.

Hi! I have this very simple mechanic that I would like to turn into a fairly good-looking game :) It's a sports local multiplayer game (up to 4 players). At the moment it works with 2 players with a keyboard and a gamepad.

Play it here:

Reach me on Discord if you are interested in collaborating: Klaus#0474 

Hello! I have some working engines that would appreciate to get a proper skin (rather than blue rectangles) :P

Let's explore some fun ideas together! Hit me on Discord: Klaus#0474

I loved the progressive fact of this game. I found one bug though. When the angle is too high the ball can sometimes get stuck between the wall and the paddle.

Super fun! Ahahah

What in the world is the death screaming? AaaaA

Is Linux version on the way?

Amazing job! One question tough,  how these light effects and spherical "fading" where made in PICO-8?

Very nice game! Loved the patterns as backgrounds and how slow they move. It kind of breaks the too discrete animation of the rest of the game. Well done!

Seems quite nice! Linux build in Ubuntu 19.10 is not working at all. I've downloaded the Windows version and used Wine to play it.