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Game is well made and everything works fine! Good job overall!

The most simply and logical 2d game engine out there! Easy to jump in and start to make a game. Very beginner friendly!

Here's Tundmatu if you want to check it out!

Thanks! :)

Nice platformer. Idea and gameplay are simple and that's good and bad thing. Good thing is that you can just jump right in and play, no need to learn difficult mechanics. Bad thing about that is that I did not find the game so interesting after playing it a while. So in my opinion game is  maybe too simple.  (But I think that's what you tried to do: casual, simple game).

Game art is enjoyable and makes me happy! Gameplay is also pretty good. Only thing that bothers me is that hitboxes are sometimes too big: you can die pretty far away from spikes and enemies.

Keep it going!

This is great! I tried android version. Gameplay was smooth, nothing to complain. Pretty addictive :P

And I love those graphics!

I think why I add "very early" on that title, because there might and will be some changes about story and level design :)

Thanks! I'll try your game Gimmicky when I have more time!

Hi and thanks!

Yeah there is always something to polish. I hope I get my motivation back to start working this game again :D

Again, thank you!

This is one of my game projects that I've been working on since 2016. In 2017 I made this very little or not at all. But I hope I manage to finish this someday.

Game genre is metroidvania (or tries to be something like that). 

Story (propably will be changed radically): 

year 2xxx... Humanity is infected with an unknown virus, which is about to kill the human race.

The best scientists found the ingredient for the antidote from a meteorite, but unfortunately it perished before scientists managed to craft any cure for the virus.

Scientists searched out the space and finally found what they were looking for: The planet where the meteorite came from!

After hard training and preparation of one volunteer, government sent him to the unknown planet to look for the ingredient.

Mission TUNDMATU is about to begin.