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So, this is "just" better imagry, no new content?

So - hair growth?

You should rename the makeup styles:

1 - nude

2 - goth

3 - vamp

Female form, gym clothes on, staff complainig, can't buy a membership (not enough money) and can't change back (membership expired)...
(but can leave in female gym clothes?)

Better idea: the effect should dampen with each time (with reset over night).

so, first coffee: full effect. second: e.g. 50%, next 50% of that...

If you put food out in the kitchen and don't eat it, can it be taken overnight by someone else?

Family meal doesn't behave like cake yet - you can put it out, but it can't be eaten...

Yes - with the lady in read you could otherwise make the money for the module in one day...

(1 edit)

Just went (male) in workout clothes to the mall, trained in the gym, and after the shower was in work clothes...

(and you can't enter the coffee shop in not-uniform anymore)

Coffee use at the workplace should (like the powernap) be limited to once daily, too.

I like the new skill system...

Huh, the game just froze...
Could you provide a savegame just after the accident?

And all interactions on the bus seem instantly go from NO WAY to FULL FUCK ME. At least flashing should be coupled to the skill ;-)

When leaving the changing room at the clothing store, you go back to browsing...

As you can change at the gym - could you rename the "workout" outfit to something like "going out"?

Stop apologizing and keep up the good work ;-)

It seemed to me that the wardrobe malfunction with the uniform went straight from no way to full exposed...
And when you get the courage to tell that waiting customer not no, it gets into a loop of "not here"...

I think with the friend only available every other doay, gameplay comes down to a grind - yes, he should be unavailable on some times, but not that often...

How about some encouraging words from Erin the first time the MC comes in in uniform again?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/d3.rpy", line 8497, in script
    if kscorr > kssed:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax (d3.rpy, line 8497)

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/d3.rpy", line 8497, in script
    if kscorr > kssed:
  File "renpy/", line 2115, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "renpy/", line 1081, in py_eval
    code = py_compile(code, 'eval')
  File "renpy/", line 1018, in py_compile
    raise e
SyntaxError: invalid syntax (d3.rpy, line 8497)

Linux-5.15.0-67-generic-x86_64-with-debian-bookworm-sid x86_64
Twisted Memories v0.5b
Fri Mar 31 19:58:59 2023

(it's ignorable)

When changing clothes at the coffee shop, you change into the high shoes from erin, but keep them on when changing back...

Could you optically mark the items in the clothing store that you can't (or can) buy?

When leaving the movie theater, you exit at 1st level of the mall...

Funny one - when the legs sprout for the first time and you go to work, you don't change (becaus you can't wear the uniform with hairy legs), but when trying to leave you can't (because you are having the image of boy clothes, but they are suddenly regarded female)...

Perhaps the first shoes (the ones that come with the uniform) shouldn't be such high heels - or the MC should have difficulties walking in them...

Ah, when she sets up the interview it sounds like she still works there...

When the friend convinces you to buy female gear, you can buy a female outfit, change into it in the changing booth - but can't leave the mall...

So, Beth works at the coffee shop, too?

Why don't we get some  interactions with her at work, then?

The clothes from the friend, from the barista-shoes to the sandals (not flip-flops), style 2(? red lips)

MC (male) buys workout clothes

After the accident, the workout clothes aren't in the wardrobe

After buying them again and putting them on, the male view is shown again...

So, the friend stops his support when MC is completely in tune with the new body and has makeup on?
Speaking of makeup: putting it on and changing shoes to flatter ones puts it to the side of the face...

One thing that rubbed me wrong:
A: "Hush now, or I'll divorce you."
Shouldn't that end with "ahead of time"?

When going to the bus stop without enough money, you can use the ATM, but it says you still don't have enough money. And there is the old travel menu...

Love the new clothing menu, although sometimes I seem to just miss the items with the mouse...

Can't we use the Break Room at the Coffee Shoppe for a powernap (once daily)?

Seems to work so far

When applying as barista, the handshake is left-handed...

Well, there's the library, where an equal skillset can be used...

Nice idea, but I have suspicions if Patreon won't kill this project...

Speaking of triggers: can the training for oral skills be achieved in the park only?

Kevin stops helping with feeling better in the body, but not touching and being touched...