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Vast Grimm is a very gonzo RPG and I’ve always liked scoundrels. I was inspired to make a MacGuffin that seemed like a reward, but was likely a curse. I believe the Furrbil qualifies.

Very 1980’s vibe to this. Great work.

Rushing to get this done before the deadline. I’m very happy with the game. I hope you all like it too.

I call it a Grimdork RPG - darkly farcical and superfast to play. It uses a single axial-stat for all resolution rolls - like other popular single-stat RPGs.

I’m looking forward to your feedback… if enough people like this I will make a larger version.

It is a good game - thanks for the bibliography - terrific inspirations.

Thanks - making progress on the new rules and the world map. I hope to have it out soon.

I want to thank you for your interest in the Gruesome Ghoulies™ RPG.

For the month of October 2020, I'm running a Kickstarter for a 64+ page version with more gameplay, adventures, and spooky artwork. Please consider backing it at...

Happy Halloween!