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hi impheris! We don't have an up-to-date demo right now, it will be back at some point though. We had to take it offline because it didn't reflect the game anymore.

Hi Bombman, it's very hard for us to make a super potato version, because the Unity HDRP depends on compute cores. These are usually only available in dedicated graphics cards, so it won't work with onboard GPU chips like intel HD/Iris. We want to make another demo though at some point.

Hi Francis, the demo was heavily outdated and we couldn't make an up-to-date one because we changed our Unity project to be the full game, so we decided to take it down. We will propably have a Demo again at some point, we just think it doesn't reflect the game well at this point so we took it down.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! We are currently working on features that help with construction and we improved the camera.

Yes! I think there's no reason to not have the full version for sale on itch too. You'll be able to buy it here for sure!


Hi, we have developed a revert function that will be in the game. It is not in the demo yet. Thanks for your feedback!


Thank you for the feedback. We want to our upcomming levels to be more interactive, challenging and different. This is what we are working on at the moment. Thanks for all your ideas!

Thank you!

Thanks Alectwin!

thanks for the feedback  :) Did you tried the last, the blue level?

Hello there!

We released our first Demo of ABRISS - build to destroy on Tuesday!
ABRISS is an atmospheric physics-destruction building game. Players can build structures from parts with different properties to let them crash into the level in beautiful spectacles. It will be released end of Q1 2022.

The demo features an excerpt from our campaign as well as a Sandbox mode.



Thank you for your feedback Gertes ;) 

Thank you Alpa Jujo! We are glad you liked it! Also good to hear that you had no problem understanding building system and buildblocks

Thank you John!

Thank you!

Thanks! Workshop integration is centainly something we are looking at.