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You need some reading comprehension if you think im that guy. Since I have been calling that person out too.

Like honestly you two are both made for eachother tbh. Both giga toxic just at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Yet your answer to that is to respond in the exact same childish way that they have been posting. Throwing insults and talking down at them. Telling them to grow up while displaying that you have yet to do so. Hypocrisy at its finest.

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Your first point is incorrect. Not all of the negative feedback is from people who spam comments and/or do hateful things. Checking the comment history disproves that easily. I can even prove that wrong by giving myself as an example. An example of what you just did was to try to put one label into one box. That's not how the world works. It would be like saying everyone hates pineapple on pizza, or all criminals are guilty. Of course, that's not true, and the same goes for that statement. That's basic common sense.

You cant just pull some fictional number like '90% of' as if that's true. It might sound good to you for the point you are trying to make, but I could simply say 90% of the people in the comment section are people that post positive feedback, and drown out real feedback. Of course, that's a complete lie, but that's what you just did. Which would get us nowhere.

As for your other point, which goes on to assume I defend such people. I have actually done the opposite recently and in the past, which is easily checked. You are the first person not giving negative feedback that I have disagreed with. Never assume things. Actually check that you are correct first.

I will repeat my original issue I have with what you said. 

Negative criticism does not = cause of the games delays and/or issues. 

To say otherwise is a lie, and promotes an echo chamber that makes people that want to give genuine critical feedback scared to do so by fear of the exact same thing you are against but in the opposite direction. Your solution would only lead to the same problem.

I stand by my statement that what you are doing can be just as harmful, because there are examples of this very thing that have happened on this website of game developers that promote your very ideal. The result has caused great harm to the games' development, far worse harm than if they engaged with the negative feedback that they were given. 

We have the cult-like fanbase of Lessons in Love as a prime example;  the author is yandere simulator levels of arrogant. The game insults fans who don't blindly swallow whatever he's throwing out, and the author outright takes an arrogant stance of "you don't get true art" if you so much as question his game. If you don't know who 'yandere simulator' is give them a search for another example of this. Fortunately this dev is nothing like those people, and has been very open with criticism. 

They will got bored eventually, when they come to understand that nobody is taking them seriously.  Then move on to the next thing to be mad about.

I get your opinion, and I don't disagree with it. I can see that you believe what you are saying to be right, and that you believe that you are being helpful. 

The problem is you have terrible charisma. You pretty much seem to me like someone I would not want to have a conversation with in the first place.

Arrogant, preachy, talking down to people, spouting common knowledge facts as if they don't know these things to imply they are stupid.  Generally, a negative, unlikable attitude.  You even spout insults while complaining about being insulted. 

You post a wall of text, not breaking it into paragraphs with multiple spelling/grammar errors, making it a chore to read, yet go on to insult other people's intelligence.

Tell me, what do you think somebody is going to think when they read that? Not what you are hoping for.

Very few people would want to engage with somebody who talks at them rather than with them. The result is the same as you speaking to a brick wall. 

If you work on that, maybe people will start listening more to what you have to say,  and you will be a lot less frustrated.

As it stands, you are achieving the complete opposite of what you are trying to do. Which is helping the very people you disagree with by making yourself and others that have the same opinion as you look bad.

People like you are worse. Parroting the same lines that a ton of other people already posted. Ironic really due to that being one of your main complaints about the people posting negative feedback. 

When you blame people posting negative feedback for the game being delayed. That is where I have a major disagreement with you.

If there's a problem, the answer is definitely not to be silent about said problem by only posting positive feedback. That is how echo chambers are made, and they can be even more harmful. The result of that leads to problems never being addressed and/or fixed.

I give major credit to the developer for keeping the feedback open, and replying to it regularly. That's the best thing that they can do. Not long ago, I posted very heavy negative feedback on the developers failure to keep to self set deadlines. They did not delete that feedback, and replied to it maturely despite how combative I was.

You give counter productive advice that would make a problem worse by telling other people to show wilful ignorance.

That is why I consider what you posted to be worse than negative feedback. In short all you really said in all of that was 'shut up'. I will admit that said negative feedback is also very tired, annoying , and nothing new at this point too. However, it is something that is necessary wether you like it or not.

Just incase you were wondering. I have my complaints, but I also like the game, and the dev. That is the reason why I posted critical feedback in the past to begin with. People post it because they care enough about the game to do so, you are free to disagree but don't tell people to be silent.

The game looks interesting, but im put off by the art. I understand that this is purely a matter of personal taste, but the giant bust sizes kind of ruin it for me . The quality of the artwork itself however is still really good. 

But yeah, it's a pretty subjective opinion so im not sure how else to put that. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who really like that particular aspect.

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I defended the dev on a number of occasions, pretty aggressively as well. Mainly to the 'update wheners' or rant posters. 

After the most recent thing that's happened, now im starting to have doubts as to how commited they are to making this game. It was a step too far for me tbh. Since this was on discord, I will explain it here so people have context.

Before Christmas, there was an announcement thanking people for 3 years of support and explaining the status of development, it was pretty longwinded.. The important statements in there were as follows.

''I've been working on something else, something that I should have done before, something It should be normal for me to do every year, to respect my users and my community.

And that, I hope, will be proof of my dedication to making this game better, it will be a show of my actual skills and an open door directly to prepare you and create expectations for Chapter 1.''

To give context, the dev stated that they were going to release some content showcasing the skills they have been working on, before going back to working on chapter 1. ''the little surprise has 118 animations ''

now the important thing is this.

''proof of my dedication to making this game better'' and ''to respect my users and community''

Sounds great right, its pretty much a perfect way to assure people. I was hoping for it. It was going to be coming out around Christmas. 

Anyways fast forward to new years eve and this gets posted. 

''It's New Year's but there isn't any Christmas update, and I think you guys deserve an explanation on what's going on:

I'm an idiot and I'm unable to properly estimate dates xDD It's not more deeper than that. I'm just an idiot.''

Then the eta changed to early january, its almost mid january right now.

''When? This month . Edit - Early January.''

How is this proving your dedication to making the game better? and respecting your community? Like I have a lot of respect for this dev, how they would communicate so much. I hate the constant 'update wheners' that post here. I felt bad for them needing to deal with that.

You might be asking, why am I going so far to criticise this person? because this pissed me off a lot, that's all. I want them to take this more seriously, and to prove to everyone that they are infact taking it seriously. To shut the people up that keep asking for progress, and they did the opposite.

Yeah im some random nobody on the internet, whatever. But this is me trying to tell you Komi to get your crap together because I want the end result to be good even if it takes years, but for christ sakes man give your community something, and soon and stop making promises that you cant keep, its making you look bad. Prove the below people wrong.

Also this is a friggin bible of a post, and im outright hostile here so feel free to delete it if you want. So long as you read it once I dont care. 

way to not listen to or engage with what that person said in any way what so ever. All because 'its his first post' lmao. 

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You are either lost in translation or delusional, because either what you said makes no sense English wise or has nothing to do with what I just said.

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When you post on a public comment section on the internet you make it the entire internets business. I don't care if it upsets you because you opened that door yourself.  So ye you can bet your ass im  going to call you stupid for making a stupid comment, and there's nothing you can do about it. Welcome to the internet, look on the bright side you will at least get complete honesty here unlike in real life. is a indie games website and you browsed one of its porn games, what the hell did you expect. No one here is going to care about whatever race or religion you are.  You basically did the equivelant of walking into a sex shop to complain about the dildos being offensive to your beliefs.

Now you say you didnt even play the game, which makes you look even dumber. 

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then why did you play it, its obviously incest porn you dumb f. 

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ookookupdate? no update? he get money? ook... wait.. money? .. no update? .. OOK OOK SCAM? *chimps out  *post's reddit comment

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Nobody was forced into supporting this games development. Hypocrite, why are you preaching about deception when your post has multiple lies in it? you may feel that way, but that does not make it true. What promises are you talking about? or did you just make that up as well?

And you thought that was how to convince me that hate has value? a reddit comment? really? 

How about this, go and play some of the other games that people support that update regularly. Have an experience of that kind of quality of writing and tell me which one you think is showing the most deception. 

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Hey Stronk.

On the IRL - Well, with all that context it definitely makes a lot more sense. I undertand a lot more why those explanations are there, since it looks like it was to answer a lot of questions that came from your community after a long time period. So I get it, showing commitment, and that you care is ofcourse a good thing. Thanks for giving what I said some thought. 

On the Progress -  That's definitely something that most of your community will be supportive on, quality trumps quantity almost always. They will happily show patience if it means a better result. That is how you would take the pressure off, by leaning on the community in that way rather than the former. Sure you might get a small minority of complainers, but that's a very common thing to be honest.

So long as they get regular progress information on the game itself or devprogres patch or no patch you don't need to feel guilty about how fast you are working on it, or need to get too personal with it. That kind of pressure can have the opposite effect on you and the work itself, and seperating yourself from that would make it a lot smoother in the long run. So basically the same thing I said before. 

It may take longer, but because its something that is a better quality when it comes out will make both you and the people reading a lot happier about it and the time it took will be completely understandable. Anyway, that's all from me on that.

On the game - So from what I understand its basically a complete rework, in that case ill check it out sometime in the future in a couple of months or so. Will leave feedback on just the game next time, instead of rougher subjects. 

Anyways that's it from me, appreciate how open you were despite how abrasive I was. Thing is ive had what I said silenced (deleted) a bunch of times for some other games on itch, so I was kind of expecting that to happen. Pleasant surprise tbh, good luck with the project.

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Hello Stronkboi, I played your game a while ago and I liked the initial concept and came back to check up on whats new. The thing about this itcho site is people are too easy to please, and as such generally leave nice feedback and kind words, but what they don't realize is that its not helping you in terms of you getting critical and important feedback that you need. If you don't know the problems how can you fix them? anyways ill get to that later on in this post. But first things first.

Reading these devlogs I just have to say something and its not going to be pleasant, sorry. Please understand its because I care about your game and want to see it finished sometime in the future.

You should leave your personal life out of this, that's something that should be reserved for people you are close to. Not a project you are working on and its community. The reason im saying this is because its unfair to your community, its emotional blackmail but you most likely were not it doing on purpose. 

But that's what it is, because it's a way to explain away the various problems that you have had during development. It's an unintentional way of making excuses and again im not saying you are doing it on purpose you probably didnt realise you were doing it. Like I said, family and friends. Or if its with this community, a bit more private instead of public announcements.

If you can seperate these things from your project and this community, it will benefit both you and the people who love your game. 

So please, when you post about development and updates. Talk about the game, and only the game and its progress. If you need to mention irl because it had an effect on the former be short and to the point and vague about it, because its private.

That's all I have to say on that point, but there were a few other things as well. In a previous devlog you were asking for critical feedback and I do have some to give, though its been a while and I probably should do a replay if the game changed significantly.

1. I remember there being stops in the story between segments of the game so basically the author talking to the reader about the next part of the game and its features and such. Those really don't need to be there, these things can be explained outside of the game rather than in the game. 

2. The first couple of chapters had a good flow to the storyline from what I recall, but after that everything seemed to move too fast. Each setting that was reached felt like it needed to be explored for longer, and I felt like some of the most interesting parts of the game were getting forgotten (for example, reading about past lore events with the other characters). 

3. Shortly after reaching the underground dwarf area is when new elements and characters were getting introduced more and more quickly as the story went on. The pacing in general got a bit too fast and the story was getting more difficult to follow and/or stay invested in. Not long after that point is when I had stopped since that's as far as the games development had reached.

4. Ok some positive feedback now, im not a total grinch I promise. Your characters are likeable, and lovely. The romantic and e scenes that they have are also great. You have a knack for character development and I think you should make that a big focus. The other good part of your writing is your lore (aka worldbuilding) and you should definitely consider a refocus onto that as well. While I do appreciate the random humor, I think it might be good to break the 4th wall a lot less and add more subtlety to it. 

Other thoughts - I see you have a discord for feedback, thats good. Ontop of that you definitely should seek out as much help from more experienced people as you can (other authors, devs) and other sites that specialize in visual novels or writing in general. 

I Understand that this was a lot of text to read, and I may be really out of date with some of that feedback since I played this a long while ago. So if I missed the mark completely on a bunch of things my bad. 

I also understand that a lot of the things I said in this post are potentially upsetting to a lot of people, since im not holding back and I'm speaking very bluntly and honestly. So if this does upset a lot of people, I wont hold it against you if you want to delete this post entirely. So long as you read it once that's good enough for me. 

But at least its not another post just saying 'I love your game, you can do it buddy' right?  because quite honestly, I think posts like that are far more insulting and valueless than actual critical feedback.

What you are doing is not criticism, its hate. There's a difference, none of what you are saying is actually constructive or helpful at all. 

Do you really think you are the first person to complain about this issue? like you actually think any of what you are saying has any value at all?

Nah those guys just legit go mostly afk and post like once every 2 weeks. But Komi here actively deals with this kind of grief from people on the daily.

It's pretty impressive to be honest, I dont think I would have the patience to reply to this crap for as long as this dev has.  If you check the discord you would see everything they have been working on, instead of making ignorant assumptions. Never trust the word of somebody who does not look for the information first. 

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Monster girl island was a promising game that actually featured monstergirls and some decent initial e scene animations for when it was made, but the dev pmuch abruptly stopped doing anything more with it but kept accepting money from people. He was comparing that game with this one.

But there's a huge difference between that and this game, the dev here actively communicates with everyone constantly here and on the discord. Even to people who just hurl abuse at them for 'abandoning' this game.

It kind of reminds me of the story of no mans sky, (look ''up the engoodening of no man's sky'' on youtube for context)

That's pretty much what is going to happen, when all the improvements come out all the people throwing abuse at this dev will just do a complete 180. 

Glad to see this coming along nicely, like the name change too btw. Keep up the good work mate

Good decision, this name is a lot more unique. 

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This game looks good but its just going to be a nukige in the end.  Every other aspect is all style and fluff. 

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You should not let something like that get to you or make you feel pressured because its the kind of common question you see everywhere on this site and elsewhere. On any game that releases in updates/installments. 

Taking them seriously and/or letting it effect you would be griefing yourself. 

That said though I can see it being really annoying, since it's more often than not a pointless question. 

Hope the new direction goes well and good luck.

The art look's good, the presentation is well made. But that's all this is. There is no substance and nothing really unique. Infact this vn makes an active effort to be as opposite to unique as possible.

Based on the other comments I know that what I have said will upset people, that's fine you can hate on me all you want.

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First impressions pretty good, nice art and an interesting world which would hook a readers interest pretty quickly.

Few things I noticed though is not too far into reading there were grammar errors popping up, first one I noticed was talking to the depressed patient near the start. Aside from these small things though the writing in general is good. 

This same scene was a bit confusing though, the woman's face is horribly disfigured but the first lines of text state that she looks quite healthy, although very sad. Then the topic stays on the mental issues without any character or narrative noticing her mutated face. Though this is just a first impression and for all I know there's a reason for that and it is intentional. 

Those were the only things I could think to point out early on, other than that this is a very interesting game so far.

What's that? I posted actual feedback and not a self promo video? that's wild right?

No problem at all, good luck on the future projects!

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Hey, checked it out. Since this is a first time for you I will try to help as best I can. There really is not much to go off though since this is very short.

The writing itself, introductions are pretty important since they are the first impression that gets a reader hooked to the story. This story starts out with backstory through what the character is thinking about. That's pretty much all there is, then the the game abruptly ends.

People are always thinking and readers love to get into the mind of a character. However, it has to be done well. The character’s thoughts need to be interesting, yet natural. Don’t just have a character think only for the sake of relating backstory.

Next is the use of  'you were' 'you did x' instead of 'I was' 'I did x'  is this intentional? I ask this because im not sure if the character in the story 'writer' is supposed to be a self insert of the reader or not.

If not then it needs to be changed to 'I' for the characters thoughts or for narration 'he/she' and so on.

The story so far needs some proof reading. There are spelling/grammar errors thoughout.

Since there was not much else written so far that is all I have. 

I wish you good luck

@Amr I mean in the future, dont worry there's nothing im saying about the game right now if it seemed like that. Just want to be sure there's no misunderstanding here. 

Look's interesting, since it's early stages will wait and see how it develops, will give feedback specifically for the game then.

The only thing I can think of is to point out some traps to avoid as you develop your game. Sorry if this is too wordy and blunt.  

- Adding too many characters. Turns the game into a never ending cycle of additions and ultimately a game that never gets completed, makes it harder and harder to put enough character development in every character and can result in a lot of 'doll' characters with cliche/uninteresting personalities. Probably not fun to do either since it just adds more and more work. 

- Fixed Patch by patch plotline progression. You might be thinking what do you mean by this, i.e patch 2.1 = plot prog with char A    2.2 = plot prog char B   2.3 plot prog char C  then 2.4 plot progpart2 char A.. and so on. Now the Fixed part = you have to play 2.2 and 2.3 plots to unlock 2.4 plot.  Whatever you do don't make it like this, it's super frustrating for a reader to have to go back and forth with different characters. A route system is always preferred. 

- make a good story and have that be highest priority, some other games just abandon this completely after a while and only focus on making porn scenes and never finish the game.

Well that's all for now good luck.

That was thoughtful and it is good to see that you do care after seeing the effort being made. I misjudged you so I take back my harsh comment. You seem genuine unlike the many generic posters out there (there's tons of those people).

Not sure about the whole dev thing but to clear that up im just a random person nothing to do with the people who made this game, ive just played it. Anyways that was a good solution to think of, that's all from me. Good luck. 

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Bro its good that you like the game but do you really have to spam 5 of your vids here, just post 1 if you have to do your npc self advertising cringe. Don't spam them. 

I mean.. the game is called BizzareHolyLand

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Going to try not to be harsh like the previous guy, and if this does sound harsh then apologies for that.

Best part of this game is the erotica, would be great if more focus was put into all of the scenes that you can encounter since a bunch of the encounters I ran into only really had text (which was still really good btw) but if there were more cg's it would be even better.

I did not really enjoy the combat&rpg system. I found it pretty confusing, difficult to really tell what to level up or what increases or decreases were bad or good. Not much guidance beyond the introduction, after realizing that I was going to need to do a lot of learning mechanics & npc infodumping etc I lost interest.

Just to re assure others incase it looks like im bashing the game, I'm not trying to. There seems to be quite a lot of options and for the sake of it being an rpg that's good and im sure a lot of people enjoy playing around with this, experimenting with it in combat and so on. 

Not my cup of tea though, not looking for grinding or using my brain too much. More there for the interesting erotica and it feels like the balance is a bit too heavy on the rpg side for my taste, seems like too much work. Want a more casual experience to my porn u know.

But for ppl who want to use their brain and play and learn rpg well yeah this games great for that ofcourse and the mechanics look to be well thought out and have a good emount of depth to them. Which is great but too much for my small brain.

Hey, wanted to add that I did try and finish the demo, everything was great. The reveal was really cool and the main girls are hot. Music fits the themes well, and everything has a nice overall polish to it. My earlier comment, well I realized its simply an artstyle so thats a good thing too. 

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Been a long time since I looked at this. I remember the characters being really attractive, but the game itself being seriously grindy. Is it still really grindy or has the pacing of it been improved now?

Edit - also I saw one of your replies about a new plot, what is different with this new plot? or is it just the same kind of story but revamped?

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Hey, played this for a while and thought id list some pro's and con's perhaps on things to consider changing and also things that were pretty good.


The humor is good, definitely a strong point. Also feels like you are given the options to make funny stuff happen which is a nice touch.

Combat system is fun, training the pet is fun as well and helps a lot. More expansion on this would definitely be a good thing (more enemies, gear etc)

Lots of stuff to do. Probably the biggest surprise was the game feels like it has quite a lot of content, has this been in development for a while? it's definitely got a lot to read and do which is great.

Some attractive characters, and nice erotic situations. I like that they keep the humor too, its pretty funny. 

I like the freedom that the player has to do pretty much whatever they want, its fun.


Some quests/stories are too grindy, and take too long to go through. First two weeks or so the pacing of everything is great. After that there's a lot of grindy stuff and downtime, hopefully when more quests/stories get finished this fixes that.

Unclear what effect certain stats do, and also unclear if they have any effects. Some stats don't have enough ways to change them either. I didnt notice the dom/sub stat changing anything on either side, and it is difficult to find things that give +dom which was something I was curious about. It didnt seem to do anything and the game seems like it wants to steer you into +sub direction so it felt like there was not really much of a choice there. It also felt like the + or - to relationships did not really change how the characters speak to eachother but perhaps I did not notice or get far enough into the game? 

 I feel like it takes a bit too long to progress with the main character, lots of different quests at the same time get in the way of eachother and makes everything a bit confusing. 

That's about it hope this info was useful. By the way the game is fun, and it's a good game overall. So even though I wrote a bit of an essay on issues please consider that a compliment of someone that would like to see it improve more. 

How is everything going? This looks very interesting. Any info updates?