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This is really cool: I'm impressed by how much you managed to pack into a one-button mechanic.

That was so sad and sweet!

That was fun!  I look forward to the updated version.  

That was really fun!  I'm a life-long Sokoban player and I always appreciate seeing new variants.

Okay.  I'll keep an eye out for when and if you do.

Thanks for making this!

Are you planning to sell PDFs of the main TWD story?

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I remember a rumor that Donkey Kong appeared as a hidden boss in either Super Mario RPG, the first Paper Mario, or maybe M&L: Superstar Saga.  Also, hoaxes about Mr. Resetti's House. 

After online guides became widespread, I did end up catching a Mew in Pokemon Blue, following a guide from GameFAQs.  It's not under the truck, though.

If I play a random game I find on Itch, it's likely harder to find videos/guides where someone else already found all the secrets.  The tradeoff being that with fewer players, there are fewer entertaining rumors about obscure games.

BTW, did you know that in Tomato Clinic, it's totally possible to unlock the ability to play as a werewolf?  My Aunt who works at NPCKC said so.  Vampires don't accept blood donations from werewolves due to centuries of conflict between their species.  

Yay!  Thanks, and I understand the need to test it first.

I really like the original game and I am looking forward to the sequel.  I'm aro and enby and I love seeing representation, and I have fond memories of the original Gameboy.

However, I am disappointed that the Steam page says it will be Windows-only.  For the other games you've released on Steam, I bought them both on Itch and on Steam.  But if there is no Linux build for Marron's Day, then I will likely only get the Itch version and not buy it on Steam.  Either way, I look forward to playing it in some form.

Looks good!

Congratulations!  I look forward to playing it.

I love it, that was very silly.

Take all the time you need!

That was wonderful and sweet!

Just finished playing it on Android and I teared up at the final scene!

The only point of disappointment is that we never really got a confirmation about Diya being demi.

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I just finished playing it on Google Play, and I love it!

The only thing I'm disappointed about is that we didn't really get a confirmation about Diya being demi.

Just finished it, and wow, I was not expecting that twist reveal.  

I seriously got excited when Diya hinted she might be demi, but then I was dissapointed it wasn't explored any further in the game.  Overall I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the sequel (and I hope the sequel gives us confirmation in-game that Diya is demi.)

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I'm glad to see this in a downloadable form!

One thing I am confused about:  In the first page of Grimm & Snowy's entry, it says Grimm is Clementine's first healed shard. 

 On the other hand, from what I can tell, the Missing Moments"La Mano Pasante" and "Sono" indicate that Grimm isn't the first shard Clementine healed, just the first one to make her sprout horns:

On the first page of "La Mano Pasante," we see cats (that could be healed shards) huddled around Clem and Magpie. Also, on "Sono," page 3, Goose suggests shards aren't attacking them because they are afraid of "cats," suggesting the cats that have been following them are purified shards.

 Are there plans to clarify this discrepancy?

  • I'm two weeks late in responding, but I want to say: Thank you.

    I first played the AYoS trilogy last summer.  I knew it was a collection of three older games (all of which were still available in their legacy forms at the time), but I had no idea you didn't originally plan it as a trilogy.  I cried through much of the game, shifting between tears of sadness and joy. 

    I am excited and I will purchase the new version on day 1!

    Thanks for the reply, I'll keep checking back!

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    I am disappointed that this game is no longer available on PC. I have the legacy version saved on my computer, but now any time I recommend this game I have to add the caveat "only available for new downloads on consoles: if you don't have a console and haven't already downloaded it you can't play it."

    Even though I paid for the legacy version, I'd be happy to pay again for the HD version if it came to PC or Android.

    I cried playing both ONHS and SLNF (I am AroAce and trans).  I still need to make time to play Mima and Nina's Chocolate Workshop but I plan on playing every game NPCKC makes for the foreseeable future. 

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    I finally got all the endings (on Android the color scheme is easier to read than on desktop for some reason).  I utterly love all the characters.  I also enjoyed the art collection PDF.  


    When I first saw Cici's color scheme I thought it might be a hint that she is trans.  I was a little disappointed that that information wasn't revealed in any of the endings or in the art collection.  Maybe it doesn't actually make sense to feel dissapointed, because the game doesn't actually say Cici's trans so I shouldn't have expected her to be.  My response is probably irrational.

    Even so I really enjoyed Bea's reveal.  

    I finished all the endings in one sitting.  I love that Mell is ace!  Although I feel bad for her because Issa treats her so badly.

    I just started the game but I am seriously having trouble seeing in it, because the background is so light, and the text is also light.  I would really prefer an option to make the background darker.  Does such an option already exist in-game and I just can't find it?

    I really enjoyed this story, especially the interactions between Jan and Bell.

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    The Linux version does not seem to work for me on Mint 20.2 Cinnamon 64-bit.  After unzipping, and adjusting the permission to allow "Game.desktop" to run as a program, I tried running "./Game.desktop" in the terminal and got the following error:

    ./Game.desktop: line 1: [Desktop: command not found

    ./Game.desktop: line 3: -c: command not found

    Does anyone know how to work around this issue?  All other NPCKC games I've tried work.  I think I'm just going to play the Android version on my phone.

    EDIT: I have now completed the game on my phone and I loved the ending!

    I really enjoyed this game!  I normally get pretty squeemish about blood, but I gave this one a try anyways and I'm glad I did.

    Wow, I just finished getting all the endings and I love this story!

    I'm wondering, are there any hints as to Syrup's orientation?  I kept expecting to hear it hinted at, but if it was then I missed it (possibly by accidentally skipping  a scene.)  

    I did, a lot.  I'm going to have to make time to play your other games now!

    I just finished the epilogue.  I'm AroAce and trans and I teared up during Haru and Manami's stories.

    Hi, I just got this game as part of the big bundle.  The download page says "Your purchase comes with a Steam key!"  However, clicking show steam key shows the message "There are no keys available at this time, try again later."