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Random Unit

A member registered Oct 30, 2015

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Five stars! The title music - how did you do it? It has the exact feeling of ZX Spectrum's beeper masterpieces such as Chronos or Agent X. Incredible, man, just incredible!

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As already been said: balance is a nightmare. Everything else looks neat and charming. And the whole aura is pretty close to one of those Kairo's classics. Good work, hope to see final release one day

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Hi! Can you add an option to change rendering resolution in one of the future releases? Like in ELEX, Fortnite or Dragon Age: Inquisition, so the player could reduce resolution in which 3d scene is rendered leaving GUI elements untouched and the low-end pc users could play this game with better overall settings. It would also give a modern pixelated look to the game.

Did you know that removing an error message doesn't solve the problem? The sound is still stuttering, TIC80 works slower than it should and when I press F6 I get what?  Exactly: