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Ran William Hackett

A member registered May 05, 2020

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Hey, dude. Sorry for unable to join you on this years GameJam. I still got a week left till my Finals, can't wait to escape this hellhole and talk to you more, Keep up the good work dude

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Yes, awesome concept, quite challenging, tho you will get familiar pretty fast so it's okay. Some refinement could be added but overall great game, sleepy fox man

Thank you for liking the game and yes, they're hidden spike after all~

Thank you for liking the game, sorry for all of the problems you experienced during your playthrough~

Ah, thank you for liking the game. The "out of control" parts this the stage when you picked up the coin, saws, and spike being to move and now has a hitbox, turn a peaceful stage to a chaotic mess => "out of control"~

Thank you for your comment, yes I too find it frustrating some of the control we made, we thought it would be smart to make the "Ctrl" button  the wall jump ability since it's the core mechanic of the game, not pressing "Ctrl" would leave you not be able to progress the level=> Fit with the "out of Control" theme. Sorry for leaving you frustrated 

Thank you