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Hey Eagle! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I agree that a structure like Pilot Wings could have gone a long way towards making Volo into a full game experience. I spent too much time focusing on the details of the simulation model, and without the surrounding game framework in place it didn't really have a hook. Definitely keeping this in mind for any potential future titles.

Heya! This would be in coop mode, right? It might be that the default control mapping for both players is responding to multiple controllers, then. Have you tried remapping them?

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Great work on this bundle, glad to see it doing so well already!

Oh hey this is pretty fun!

This is just the hexagons speaking, but it reminds me of another excellent little hex-puzzler called Twelvesmith by Flippfly. :)

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Ah, thanks! That actually makes a lot of sense.

I don't have my function keys mapped to their regular place (organized them in a numpad configuration) so performing that motion never crossed my mind. Also, I'm typing on a split ergonomic board, so I can't technically perform a continuous slide over the function keys even if I map them back; there's no 12-key rows available on this baby.

Would it be possible to include a fallback option to perform the slide with a single key?

Anyway, I can now progress through the tutorial and enjoy the game. Thanks! Really digging the style of everything.

I'm unsure what to do here. I type the sentence, it completes. Then the slide message appears, and indeed when I press and hold F12 something happens. The machine slides off to the right, and when it goes off-screen the game crashes, the error mentioning that some GUI coordinates became invalid. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? :)