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First of all, I know your comment is a month old, and it's not the best etiquette to still respond, but I have thought about this game a lot today and want to give my opinion regardless. Second of all:

Congratulation on missing the point!

The entire game is about how easy it is to miss the signs of depression in other people. That's why you don't get to save her on the first playthrough (if you got that far) and only get to talk to her on your second playthrough, when you already know what's going to happen. Depression can absolutely show itself in an ugly way. It can definitely look like not having showered in weeks and wearing the same pajamas again. But the point is that it can look like anyone, and that sometimes it's really hard to see.

You are claiming this is a fetishisation of depression and suicide because the suicidal girl looks too, what, normal? Happy? Priviledged? But I think you are the one Twisting your narrative of depression in an ugly way, in only allowing the people who are suffering the "right" way to be recognised as actually depressed. And it's not helping. What you are doing is just too similar to "kids in Africa have it worse". Instead of recognising that mental illnesses can affect many different people in different ways, you deny to recognise the suffering of those who are less visible. It affects people to not be seen, that's the plot of missed messages. I hope you will never need to understand.

Thank you for the feedback! I haven't heard of GDWC yet, so thank you for bringing that up to me as well!

Thanks! I'll just turn that cyan boy around then. And do you mean when the time runs out and score is displayed?

That was really fun to play, and the music as well as general sound design was on point! I noticed a bug though, on the last level i was able to pass through all the lines on the third (?) step, the first one straight though the middle.

i wish my mornings were half as cute and nice as this game

really interesting game, it feels like a good moderate difficulty, though viewing exactly what can be interacted with makes some parts pretty easy. The only thing I struggled with was finding the correct perspective on a time limit since it looks correct from a perspective where it's not recognised as correct yet.

It's lovely. I feel like it does very well in creating the feeling of being alone while everyone else is celebrating together. I don't know if it's supposed to make the player feel good or sad about it but boy I sure do feel about it

First of all, and first of what one sees, the look of this game is absolutely stunning. Everything is so aesthetic and working together so perfectly. It's also easy to get through the game without any straight up explanations on what to do - the only problem I ran into with knowing what I needed to do was orientation, the map didn't feel like much of a help since it looks so different from the area when you first start into a game you aren't familiar with. Another thing that bothered me a little at some points is the really low running speed, but once you get the pointer (i think that was the last item's name?) and bookmarker moving around is at least more comfortable, and I can see how sprinting around might not fit the overall vibe.

I can absolutely agree with the cursor problem. While it adds to the puzzle aspect to have to move without clicking out of the game, the puzzles that are meant to be solved in the game are far more fun.

I want to eat them. It's so pretty. Just the green one feels off. Not as tasty as the others.

It's such a cute game, and while it's very relaxing to just stand around somewhere (I most like the little island in front of the beach) I'm really missing a key to just sit down, even if it just lowers the camera. I instinctivally want to sit down everywhere to just get the feeling of relaxing, more than just standing still.