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First of all, I know your comment is a month old, and it's not the best etiquette to still respond, but I have thought about this game a lot today and want to give my opinion regardless. Second of all:

Congratulation on missing the point!

The entire game is about how easy it is to miss the signs of depression in other people. That's why you don't get to save her on the first playthrough (if you got that far) and only get to talk to her on your second playthrough, when you already know what's going to happen. Depression can absolutely show itself in an ugly way. It can definitely look like not having showered in weeks and wearing the same pajamas again. But the point is that it can look like anyone, and that sometimes it's really hard to see.

You are claiming this is a fetishisation of depression and suicide because the suicidal girl looks too, what, normal? Happy? Priviledged? But I think you are the one Twisting your narrative of depression in an ugly way, in only allowing the people who are suffering the "right" way to be recognised as actually depressed. And it's not helping. What you are doing is just too similar to "kids in Africa have it worse". Instead of recognising that mental illnesses can affect many different people in different ways, you deny to recognise the suffering of those who are less visible. It affects people to not be seen, that's the plot of missed messages. I hope you will never need to understand.