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Hello! There is, if you have the most updated version, there should be a plugin option to use the mouse. If there isn't, I'll try to find a version that has it.

that is strange, it is saying $gameTemp is null, this is rpg maker mz right?

Oh, I didn't see this comment sorry haha, 2 years late :(, I think you already found it, but for those that didn't, Iavra has one for MV

Hey! thanks for the compliments! Do not worry friend haha, if you need any support with the plugin, just tell me! :)

Easy to play, hard to master, join this adventure on an unique card game where you are able to do everything you ever wanted. Collect cards, build your decks, play offline on history mode, challenge your friends online or take on the world in a ranked system!

Kamigami: Clash of the Gods Demo by Raizen (

yes it can friend :)! Only problem is that I didn't quite work it fully, so not all event commands are woring well :(

Hello, awesome work friend! I'll be updating some of the background I use on my game with your excellent work!

Since you asked this is the link to the game I'm making
Kamigami: The Battle of the Gods no Steam (

I made a donation for you friend, and when I release it, I can also send a key to my game if you wish to play it :).

The credit in-game I'll make it for last, but I won't forget to add it there haha.

Okay, I'll check it out, I think that part is working here, maybe it is the new MZ version, I'll let you know what I find out

Thanks a lot friend! I will get it fixed :)!!

thanks a lot friend :3

Hey! Ah I think I need to make a fix for both issues :(, I'll try to fix them asap.

Thanks friend! :)

Hey friend! I will come back to work on that part of the plugin yes! and all event commands, I'm just finishing some things for my personal project first, but I do pretend to come back to this, sorry for the long time

Sorry I only saw after your second post, I have a couple of things to work on it still :/, there is a way to turn on and off in the new version I working on, I will upload them asap!

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hello xD, I replied on your older post, sorry for the long time to answer.

Can you show exactly how you called :) ? Also, there are some plugin commands for the MZ version instead of using the script calls, I'll check if the demo is updated.

Oh, Okay now I understood thanks friend xD. There is actually, 
tripleTriadCheckLastScore() has the last game's score, so you can know if you won or lost, you can use in conditional branches like.
tripleTriadCheckLastScore() > 5 means you won, so you reward him with something.

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Yes, you can use the demo in the download copying all the files and stuff. The other question about the card based battle system is harder for me to answer, you would need to work on top of the triple triad to make both work. :( This plugin is more made towards the triple triad rules and not a more generic card game style

Hey friend! uhm, I didn't quite get the suggestion, if you could explain it once more for me :(

Oops I didn't see your question, kind of late, but you should install them just like any other MV/MZ plugin, you can check a lot of tutorials on the internet, like youtube has a bunch of "How to install RPG Maker plugins" videos.

"SyntaxError - Unexpected end of JSON input"

JSON errors are misconfiguration from the user, so don't blame the plugin friend :) . First configure it correctly, and then if there are any bugs I would be willing to help.

Hey friend! no problem!

You can find them here:

There was another site that I am not finding that had visually them being explained, but if something is not clear there, you can tell me :)

ah k, aumenta esse window width ai haha, ele é o tamanho máximo da janela, se não aumentar ele vai comprimir as palavras para caber nele.
Joga sei lá, uns 300

Oh the battle text I think its better to deal as a separate plugin :), I think I can take a look at that. I got your idea, its a nice add to the strategy, I'll see what I can do about that part.

Você aumentou o parametro de width da janela?

Ah, the place you prefer more, I try to look at both, I will fix the remove Card function and update it as soon as possible o/

The rarity works in case you use the booster plugin also o/ Which is this one:

I think it was 10, I specified on the booster plugin help, If I'm not mistaken I did rarity from 1-10.

"And is it possible that an enemy has a unique card? " Yes it is :), all enemies have "reserve cards" which would be the cards that fills his hand in case he goes below 5 cards (after you win some of them). You just have to add the unique card to their hand, but not add to their reserve cards, that would make it not have more than one in the game.

Opa tudo bem :), ainda não :(, eu vou voltar a trabalhar com o pixel movement dentro de algumas semanas e essa é uma das coisas que preciso arrumar junto com os comandos de eventos.

Hey friend! Ah, I'll check both functions out, I think I might have done something wrong, thanks for reporting it!

Thanks! I answered on the other media, sorry for the time I kept to answer xD.
I will probably work on that also o/

ah, thank you :) . I started following you now, thanks for helping out my work also o/

Oh, I was using regions for collision checking yes, you were looking for one that doesn't, or for one that uses region to check the hitboxes :)?

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It isn't, you can shut down the listener at any time and assigning different common events for the same pictures throughout the game :), shutting down the listener means the picture becomes what it used to be before. Try it once and see if it works as you wanted o/, I can make some adjustments also if your suggestions would improve it.

Thanks friend :D !

yeah :), all of my plugins will be from now on o/, I'll try to put it on the informations of it  :D

I think there is already, check this one out:

Cause I am really focused on MZ right now :(, so its hard for me to work on MV these next weeks.

Oh, I don't know if I still have it, but I can make a customized layout for the next update of the plugin o/

oh thanks for the ups, actually something strange happened to the link haha, I fixed it!

Hey friend! I am currently working on all issues, that is something I am doing at the moment! As soon as possible I will post the corrected version :)

Oh, thanks friend! I uploaded the correct version, what happened is that I made the demo before RMMZ release and a new demo after, the one before was just for testing and I accidentally uploaded that one. The plugin is the same, but some parts of the demo I just fixed later, thanks for letting me know!