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Hello and thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for the various problems you encountered.

We forgot to explain that the game works with VR only using keyboard as an input source.

This is our final student project, and we needed to center the game on the use of the Virzoom Bike. The VR-only mode was just added for the sake of accessibility. However, in order to be able to properly control the bike, we needed to use a specific SDK given by Virzoom. And this SDK doesn't support VR Controllers : it only supports VR Headsets.

So plug your VR headset, get your keyboard, and play the game ! You can press Mouse Left + Mouse Right to bypass the Virzoom Bike setup as written on screen. It might have shown "PRESS X" or anything like that because it has mistaken your oculus controllers as a generic game controller.

The dongle thingy is a troubleshooting message to ensure a player using the virzoom bike has correctly plugged in the bluetooth dongle to link the bike to the computer.

Anyway, we're updating right now the game description to ensure it states the correct controls.

AHAH Bon un build WebGL arrive bientôt déjà, faudrat voir si ça tourne bien...! Mais l'an prochain on fera ptetre de la 3D haha (ça dépend des années et envies :p). C'était un plaisir en tout cas de jammer à vos côtés !

Hello ! Thanks for the very kind comment ! We appreciate it :D

I worked a lot on the soundtrack, so I'm glad it pleased you ;)

Yeah we don't use the unity control configuration options, we had plans to add remap-able controls ingame, but we fell short in time... sorry !

Anyway, the feedback is really appreciated, thanks again !

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Thanks for the kind comment and the feedback :)
Yeah a lot of time was spent on polishing ! It's super cool if it pleased you :D
For the balancing, well.. it took a lot of time to balance it (it was worst before the time spent on tests and balance), but it's still far from "well balanced" as you noticed :) 
We're working on an enhanced version, and balancing is the main focus ;)

You need to be proud, making a game in a weekend is hard !

Nice game :) The sounds are nicely fitting the overall feel of the game, it's really cool, congrats :)

Cute graphics ! Easy to understand controls, it's cool ! It's missing some sounds, but anyway, it's made under 72h, so it's okay !

Kinda hard game at first, but when you understand how everything works, it's quite nice :)
Congratulations on making it in 72 hours !

Thanks for the nice comment ! It really warms up my heart :)
Cool advice for the realtime clock, I'll keep it in mind if I update this short game (but it will for sure be in the upcoming short experiences like this one that I will be making sooner or later)