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Hello ! Thanks for the very kind comment ! We appreciate it :D

I worked a lot on the soundtrack, so I'm glad it pleased you ;)

Yeah we don't use the unity control configuration options, we had plans to add remap-able controls ingame, but we fell short in time... sorry !

Anyway, the feedback is really appreciated, thanks again !

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Thanks for the kind comment and the feedback :)
Yeah a lot of time was spent on polishing ! It's super cool if it pleased you :D
For the balancing, well.. it took a lot of time to balance it (it was worst before the time spent on tests and balance), but it's still far from "well balanced" as you noticed :) 
We're working on an enhanced version, and balancing is the main focus ;)

You need to be proud, making a game in a weekend is hard !

Nice game :) The sounds are nicely fitting the overall feel of the game, it's really cool, congrats :)

Cute graphics ! Easy to understand controls, it's cool ! It's missing some sounds, but anyway, it's made under 72h, so it's okay !

Kinda hard game at first, but when you understand how everything works, it's quite nice :)
Congratulations on making it in 72 hours !

Thanks for the nice comment ! It really warms up my heart :)
Cool advice for the realtime clock, I'll keep it in mind if I update this short game (but it will for sure be in the upcoming short experiences like this one that I will be making sooner or later)