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No, not on stream.

Got around to giving this a try. Nice concept. The boss wiped me out pretty fast. I was kinda expecting it to be 2 player because you mentioned you wanted me and JordiGH to play it ha ha.

Open vc/vc14_fceux.sln

It seems to build fine with Visual Studio Community 2019. Select PublicRelease configuration and build. The EXE will be built to output folder.

I worm.

Broke Studio is taking pre-orders for famicom carts, and they will ship internationally. I don't know exactly when they will begin shipping. Unfortunately, I don't think Infinite NES Lives has any current plans to offer Lizard in Famicom form.

Lizard community · Created a new topic Cheat Codes
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Here are a few cheat codes that I've revealed before in other places, but I thought it might be worth putting them in a more official place like this. Warning: there may be some mild spoilers if you read beyond the "Switch Lizard" cheat.

Options: Not really a cheat code, but pressing SELECT on the title screen will give you a few options like an easy mode, turning the music off, or listening to the soundtrack.

Big Head Mode: hold UP and jump (A), then hold DOWN and jump, UP and jump, DOWN and jump... repeat until 8x when the size of your head will change.

Switch Lizard: pause the game (START), then press RIGHT, UP, DOWN, then press DOWN again and hold it and press SELECT. This will switch your lizard.

Diagnostics Zone: pause the game (START), then press DOWN, UP, LEFT, then press LEFT again and hold it and press SELECT. This will take you to the diagnostics zone where you can see the hidden state of the game. You can toggle all coins collected, and "flags" which affect progress made in the world (e.g. flags 0A-0F are the 6 bosses).

Super RUDD: use the game genie code ZEEIXYYE to enable "extra" lizards for the switch code.

Super DULL: use the game genie code ZAKZKAYE to enable "extra" lizards for the diagnostics zone.

More Passwords: on the CONTINUE screen to the left of the start, you can hold SELECT + A while you press UP to enter the door to force it to accept passwords for every room, instead of only rooms that contain a save stone. (The Lizard Source Code package contains a tool that will generate a complete list of valid passwords when you export the game.)

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Oh ha ha, I made a few codes of my own this evening. I actually discovered the identical infinite lives code. :)

  • SZXAPGVG = infinite lives
  • GXKIIPEY = energy boosted shot
  • GOVEGLGA = start with 10 hearts
  • GONAAUZA = start with 10 heart capacity
  • AAOIPPAZ = infinite jump height

Also tried NNXAPKYX as invincibility... but unfortunately it leads to getting stuck if you fall in a death-pit. Tends to fall through the floor and be stuck in the ceiling of the next room. :(


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Mapper 2 (UNROM) but it can run on mapper 0 (NROM) as long as there's CHR-RAM support.

Yes, it's procedurally generated. No there are no plans to expand the game, I am happy with its current form. It is open source, however, if you are interested in tinkering with it yourself.

Is there an NES ROM available or can I only play this with the Java emulator?

I never noticed the New Game + feature before!! Did a Green run. Now I need to figure out what the other three mysteries are...

I think did it all now. Thank you for this game!

I've been enjoying this. Still gotta collect a few more sierps, but I've seen 2^4-1 endings so far.

InfiniteNESLives has definitely made a mapper 34 board. It's what the Lizard cartridges are built on.

I don't know if mapper 34 boards are offered for sale, but you can e-mail them to ask. The "coming soon" statement may be out of date. Otherwise you can run Lizard on a PowerPak, or an Everdrive N8, or there are other options like ReproX, but if you want something you can program easily with the flasher you got for NESMaker, you'll probably need a flashable board from InfiniteNESLives.

Lizard requires mapper 34 (512k BNROM). I don't know if your NESMaker cartridge can be reconfigured for mapper 34 instead of mapper 30, but it can't run on mapper 30.

I have provided a key directly to keiyakins, but I will contact support to make sure this is resolved.

All of a sudden it switched to anti-gravity snow! This didn't happen the first few times I came here... an interesting rare surprise. :)

This was neat! says they have fixed the problem.

Also they said that this verification step happens the first time you claim a steam key on only. So, probably I did have to do this once a long time ago and forgot.

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Thanks for clarifying what you're seeing. That process looks new to me, and I really don't understand  why a connection to Steam has to be made. When I've claimed keys in the past on other games it was just a simple click that reveals the text of a key, unless I'm not remembering correctly. I gave keys to and they should be able to give them directly to you. :( I will contact support. I'm sorry this has happened.

Finally beat this wonderful game. Thank you so much!

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Edit: apparently the first time you claim a Steam key on it has to verify that you have a Steam account. After this it will just directly give you the key. The interface for this verification was temporarily broken, but has been fixed by

On your download page on there should be a link to "Claim Steam Key". Clicking it should give you a key (a 15 digit string), this link should not take you to any other website.

You can then copy that key, open the Steam client. Go to the Games menu at the top of the window and select "Activate a Product on Steam..." where you can paste that key.

I believe you can only activate a Steam key through the client application. There is no way I know of to do it through Steam's website. I'm not sure what link would take you there, or why? has some official instructions here:

If that doesn't work, you can let me know but if there's a problem with or Steam's services I don't have a lot of control over that, we may have to contact their support. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I took a look at my notes and code again and there is one caveat to that previous statement: if fullscreen is being applied on your second monitor on a two monitor system, it is forced to use the fake fullscreen overlay for that monitor. So the solution could possibly to change your primary monitor setting if it's a two-screen setup.

This application does request true fullscreen through SDL's video API. There is an alternative option for a borderless window that covers the screen, but Lizard does not use this.

So, Lizard should not be able to do anything besides true fullscreen, and I have verified this to be working correctly on all the machines I have available to me. Lizard's fullscreen might look similar to the fake windowed fullscreen, because it requests the same resolution size as the desktop.

I can't say with 100% certainty that it's working correctly for you, there's always unexpected possibilities when it comes to video drivers and libraries like SDL, but to the extent that I have control of it in code, it's asking for true fullscreen.


Yes, currently working on a Steam release. owners will be able to get a key.

Unfortunately the "official" PowerPak mappers have not been updated since 2010, but there are additional mapper sets that will work.

See this page for information:

The Loopy's Mappers set, and the PowerMapers set will both properly support Lizard.

Loopy's set behaves like the original PowerPak mappers, simply adding support for new ones. The PowerMappers set adds other features like savestates as well.

Yes, the final release will just be updated files here that you can download. It's not a separate purchase from the beta.

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The soundtrack was released for free in MP3 and NSF forms, as well as its Famitracker source files. You can get them here:

I also published an article about how it was written here:
Lizard community · Created a new topic Welcome to Lizard!
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I have opened this forum to give people a place to discuss Lizard.
Thanks for playing my game. Please be nice to each other!