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i was like 'why isn't it working' and the absolute brainblast of that being on purpose made me nearly die

this is so cute!!!

as someone with depression who has tried to commit the big whoopsy, this nearly made me cry, good job i think

this is adorable!!

these are really cool! The link to get this software goes nowhere - do you know where I'd be able to download it?

GOD THIS IS SO GOOD!!! I work retail as a holiday job and GOD this is accurate, the union text on the bones got a laugh out of me and the customers response was so accurate... extremely painful, 11/10

;A; thank you! you're right, the name part is definitely underdeveloped and next time I make something with input I'll work hard to make sure it works perfectly. Thank you so much for the useful feedback!

aaaa thank you for the feedback! don't worry, you didn't give up too quickly, it really does just keep looping forever. :D

This is really sweet... Thank you for making this <3

This is awesome! I love that despite being very short and not having any dialog, it still has a very clear path with goals that you can choose to follow. Getting to the end was satisfying despite the game's short length.

This was tragic... I love it

this is weird and cool! i've never played a game made to run on powerpoint before, so this really impressed me!

this is tragic, i love it

This is really cute! I like how you made the backgrounds, they're both unobtrusive and really nice and stylish. Good job!

this is super cool! I love all the zany generations!

This is immensely sinister, I like it! My only issue was that moving the cursor was a bit of a chore. All around, a really cool game!

This is a very cute little game! Unfortunately i got stuck at the part where you herd the cow into the pen, but all the same it was very sweet!

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce the completion of my first visual novel, Ventura. It's a fun lesbian adventure with two possible endings, many player choices and built-in accessibility options such as dyslexia friendly fonts and screen-shake toggling. In it, you play as Sky, who has just moved to the city of Opolis to start her new job at Ventura Industries. I hope that you enjoy playing it, and any and all feedback is immeasurably appreciated! 

Here are some examples of the script and artstyle:

i loved this game so much it made my lesbian heart so happy!!!!!

this made me break out into a cold sweat, hella good job

this is really awesome, it has so much atmosphere!

tips: i would die for mayor cat

This is really atmospheric! Even though it's just a small room, I can really feel the ambience and story style that's being set up. One little problem I had was that as I was looking around my cursor would leave the game area and go back to my browser, but that's not really a game thing :P

aaaAAA thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game is awesome! The simple concept is really elevated by the presentation. After surviving about 120 seconds the death screen kept wobbling around in a cool optical illusion >u<

Thank you so much! I made it in Alchemy, which is art software that forces you to lose a lot of your control over the drawing process, which I thought was super awesome ^u^

Hello! Taming the Dragon is my first more serious project on and I'm really excited to share it with you all! Taming the Dragon is based on the titular song by Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana, exploring the lyrics through abstract art I made using Alchemy and Photoshop. I hope you enjoy it!

You can download it here: