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This is simply incredible! It completely captures the deep sorrow of showa kamen rider, while also being its own distinct concept of kamen rider. The art is beautiful and the cover is absolutely haunting.

I made this before I'd seen gundam seed :)

ohhhh okay so the pain is endless and forever i get it! This was amazing i feel so ougoughaohughguhg

Thank you for making this, it's really helpful! I want to do more reading practice on places like easy NHK but vocab I don't know always makes me feel frustrated and unable to continue. Now i finally feel like I can practice in peace!

fun and satisfying!

this game is very cute and fun to play once i understood what I was doing, but initially it is very difficult to understand. The strayers don't look like enemies, and the cracked tiles are very complex. I know just how hard it is to explain a pico-8 game with such limited capacity for text so the PDF was helpful, but possibly some sprite changes and tile modifications would make this game easier to understand? overall very fun though! :)

very cute!!!

nice sportsmanship you got there

thank you everyone for enjoying my game! i loved playing everyone else's and i look forward to what you guys make next!

Unfortunately the game just completely stopped at the first random encounter.

i got stuck in a mountain and couldn't finish this.

this game is so cute! I loved pickles, 10/10 characters - and it's cool to see other people using yanfly lol (i used her vx ace plugins!)

hewwo! how can we contact you? <3

this is so wholesome 10/10

this is really cute/sad... im looking forward to playing the finished product!!!

yeah, for godot go into the import settings and disable basically everything or it will be fuzzy

I'm sorry, I don't :( I use Godot rather than unity

This is adorable!! I love his little happy face, and the cute music. Even though the little rocket ship was a little slip-n-slidey it was great fun to fly around. One thing that bugged me was that every time a new level started, the music restarted, which became a little annoying. Other than that, it's fantastic!!! great job!!

hey, don't sell yourself short!! Everyone starts with lil prototype games like this, and the core concept of this is really fun! It's the kind of thing where if you wanted, when you have more experiene you could totally take this concept and make it into a full game <3

this game is really cute! I enjoy how you use the concept of dropping platforms to make innovative concepts like the one that drops onto another platform. The second level has quite a hard section where it feels impossible to reach one of the platforms, so unfortunately I had to stop playing there.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it. I definitely know what you mean about the sprite and platforms misbehaving, and if I can work out why it's happening I'll patch it up asap :)

This game is fun! I'm a silly billy and don't understand basic horror game mechanics so when the guy approached me I just let him get me... When he did, nothing happened and I had to alt+tab to close the game. Maybe I just didn't find the right key to quit?

Okay, I've replaced the zip with one containing a .pck as well as a .zip. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention - it's my first time exporting from godot ;w;

aw dang, i'll try and fix that!

I'll be using godot, bosca ceoil, and graphics gale / clip studio paint! 

This concept is very clever, but the first level with a pushing block is immensely difficult. There's nothing to imply that you CAN push the block.

this game is adorable! The theming is consistent, the achievements are satisfying and while I had to play it from the link, i found it well laid out. I did find that the achievements occasionally didn't work (possibly because of getting multiple stews at once?) but this is probably an engine thing, not you thing. good job!

thank you so much for your response! This was my first attempt making a sokoban, so I'm glad that you felt the complexity level was good. I definitely agree with the lack of sound - if i can work out how to implement music, i will absolutely do so!

very good job!!

this is so well done that i want to play all of these games for real!!

this is awesome! it realy feels like a lost piece of vaporware. while i was playing (and while moving to focus on 'devil') i got a notification saying 'failed to execute setValueAtTime on AudioParam'. your application is so engrossing im honestly not sure if that was intentional or not :P but just thought i'd let you know!