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Thank you so much ! We had a lot of fun trying to make the characters have well... character ! Im glad you had fun and that the game put a smile on your face honestly thats all i could ask for :)

Thank you so much :D 

This is an awsome concept ! and with only the three hours you gave yourself it honestly blows my mind ! Ive never actually seen anything like this myself. I do feel like a stormtrooper playing though because i cant aim to save my life but thats more a me problem than anything else :P

Thank you so much for your feed back ! In hindsight id actually agree with you and if i where to go back and make the game (with my friend) there would definitely be some things I would personally change. Despite the problems I'm really glad you had fun :).

Hello ! my names Jordan me and my friend worked on a platformer where you have to wake people up from a simulation with a big cannon and bullets :D. Its actually the first jam ive ever entered in so im really excited to see what comes of it. It was definitely a learning experience making all the sounds and art and stuff im just glad my freind knows what hes doing (he did the coding side of things) :P. sadly we ran out of time to add the music to it. If im being perfectly honest i really like your idea im really curious to see what you can come up with :D.