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Thanks for playing our game! Despite how enigmatic it is, hope your experience with the game was still a good one.

Thanks for the feedback. By multiplayer did you mean online multiplayer? Because there is split screen multiplayer.

Anyway, I think you're right that a single track is a weakness of the game. I thought that a future for this game might be in procedurally generated tracks that players race over the course of three laps or so, since the game isn't fun if both players have completely memorized the map. Regardless, I hope the concept was interesting enough to be worth the try.

Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed this game a lot.

I think it made good use of the tension of me wanting to steer the conversation so that the characters could speak their minds and sort out their problems openly, but the characters not being able to be so open so I have no obvious choices left. Life choices happening unexpectedly out of response to the least significant seeming dialogue also really played into this tension for me.

I felt the atmosphere of having anxieties about your current life, and feeling trapped because of it, even when you're supposed to have choices. By the end, I felt like even if the characters opened up, they would still have to face their deeper unhappiness without any kind of clear answer or comfort. So I ended up feeling a mix of sadness and emptiness. Maybe a sense of nostalgia for when friendships were more carefree, where jokes didn't need to bury unhappiness.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll enter another (better) game into the competition.

Thanks for checking it out. Not sure why the mouse thing happens. Sorry about that.

Thanks. Glad you liked it. Have a great day.