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afaik you can't line break.

it will go to the next line when it's ready. you can scam this by adding a bunch of spaces after "Joe:" so that the line will wrap where you want it to.


text "Joe:                                      Hello! I see you!"

you will have to test and fiddle with it and get the number of spaces needed figured out

and you can make decorations that trigger a script the same way a terminal does:

just create a script with the same name as your decoration. when you "use" the decoration it will trigger that script

and be careful when editing modifiers, atleast in the old builds i experienced lots of crashes. if you are messing around with a modifier in the editor, and that modifier is currently placed in a map that is open in the editor, editor can crash when you save the modifier, or atleast in the old builds.

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they take on the texture of whatever block they are placed on.

so place a wall tile where you want the modified thing to be, then place the modifier on that wall tile. it will turn that square block (wall) tile into whatever your custom modifier is

you can do some nifty things with modifiers by using multiple modifiers next to each other modifying different walls. for instance, make a table modifier and place it on a wood wall texture. now make a new modifier that is a small cylinder, and offset the modifier to left 64 units. put that modifier on a wall texture that is directly to the right of the table, and you can make a coffee cup that sits on the table.

once you get to know the engine, it's actually pretty easy to un-brick tho

every project i have bricked has been because the engine was looking for files that didn't exist anymore because i screwed up, and you can "un-brick" that by editing dat files

but editing dat files is definetely not recommended 

and i hear you on the weapon sprites not needing to have all the empty space. i just find it makes it much easier when actually making the weapon sprites, i can just add layers in and onion skin, knowing what its gonna look like on the screen, and i don't have to scale it in the editor cuz it already sits where i want it to sit. i imagine it wastes some memory, but i have never noticed any impact and its become a standard part of my workflow

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you are welcome

there is much with this engine that is learning tricks and such, and trial and error. the guy who made it has a fulltime job and documentation is an ongoing work in progress. i started a wiki to provide community documentation but there is not much there and its outdated, its all from the old version. just keep grinding, when you dont understand how or why something works, ask and if one of us knows we will try to help. and backup your project folder regularly, it can be easy to brick a project if you are not careful and learn how the engine works.

what is the size of your weapon?

i do this method to simplify my weapon sprite creation:

i make all my weapon sprites 320x180 and place the weapon in that sprite as i want it to appear on the screen

this makes it fit exactly as i want it to at scale 1, and i dont really need to fiddle with the position. setting the y position to about 30 to 50 compensates for the weapon bobbing. it also makes it easier to align my weapon animation frames cuz the images i am making represent exactly what is on the screen.

if your weapon sprites are huge, then at scale 1 they are just too big for you to see them without adjusting the scale to 0.1 or some such. just play with the scale if you are adamant about having large sprites for the weapons.

i cant seem to find it in the jam description

the art is quite excellent here

no you can't really use them. you wont be able to see sprites that are on the other side of the transparent texture.


make sure you have a Menu.ogg music file in the /Music/ folder. i made a dummy Menu.ogg with 2 seconds of silence to act as a placeholder. the engine seems to crash in the audio menu if you have no music loaded, atleast in my testing.

iirc the texture should be the same name as the model it is associated with, and should be placed in the models folder alongside the model

atleast that is what i remember, i haven't done much with 3d models myself

i love playing with this.

and now i dont have to pay for credits on the cloud services!

thanks so much for making this.

The Theme for the jam is "Dark Fantasy mixed with a second theme of your choice."

If you have questions about the theme, or need clarification, ask here.

Slaur3n requested the jam start a day early, and I figured what the hell.

there would certainly be no problem with using your assets from the e1m1 RGM game, but there will be a theme announced this time around that's gonna  be mandatory.

it's gonna be a flexible theme, so i don't think it will be a problem for you to modify the terminus assets to fit the theme. but when you publish, publish it as a separate game, not an updated download on the e1m1 jam game you made b4.

make sense?

and you get 2 months this time, so there will hopefully be plenty of time for ppl to make assets.

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open config.ini and change the line




but the developer did't intend his game to be fullscreen :)

hey these are really nice.

beer is just for looking at  :)

hey why did you unpublish this?

i have been out of the loop for a long time, but im back now and i would like to play all the games that were submitted to the jam?


is it just that the jam was generated by ai, or are we supposed to use ai art to make the game?

nice to see you are still grinding away with the retro fps assets!

sorry for late reply

i surrounded door with custom modifiers:


it sounds like you might have had it set to a resolution other than 1920x1080 or 1280x720

thanks for the comments!

are you ending script with map return ?

i am not sure what you mean by that.

could you explain more detail what you are trying to do

thanks for the feedback. the second level is waaaaay too hard, you are right. that developer difficulty thing crept on me, constantly testing and retesting you get too good at your own game. i tried to place plenty of health to compensate for the corrosive slime, but i shoulda port more.

thank you kindly

thank you

thanks so much

I fixed it. Thank you so much for reporting the bug!

hmm. i think i know why that is happening, but i am not sure how to fix it.

thanks for reporting, i will try today to work a fix, jam uploads will be locked for a week starting 8/1 so i would like to fix before then.