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awesome, i'll check it out now :)

I am stoked to see the continued development and evolution of efpse. I haven't used it in quite a while, but i will probably make something with it now :)

nice. i appreciate that you are continuing development on efpse. i will download your version and try to make something with it.

hello. thank you for the nice comment.

yes, you are free to use the music in any project you want, commercial or otherwise. i released it as CC0 public domain dedication, which means it is free from restrictions.

you can give credit if you want, but you don't have to. if you could link your game in the comments here when you release it, i would like to check it out tho :)

thats cool, there's really only 2 levels, and the 2nd level is hard as balls

3rd level is just the boss fight

i never went back to it to fix up the unfair difficulty in 2nd level

Very cool.

ok thanks. i will check into the modelling tool again soon.

love this misfits skulls in the screenshot

for the first bug, the workaround is to have a script that uses spawnatpos entityname x y z (i think that is what it is anyways, check manual to be sure tho) that loads at the beginning of the level. i believe this method of placing enemies eliminates the save bug.

second bug, i dont that anyone has ever figured out a workaround for this.

these bugs are not likely to be fixed any time soon / ever.

make sure your project is in the correct folder

let us say for the sake of discussion that you have installed EFPSE to      "    C:/efpse/    "

in that instance, you should be creating your project in     C:/efpse/Projects/MyProjectName/

if you make your project folder anywhere else, test game wont work

you might be more likely to get an answer on the discord

it's been a while since i've used efpse

last time i used the program i had a problem with build and pack as well, tho not the same one.

in my bug, i was unable to play games with build and pack if the first map had a cutscene script at the start of the map.

i know this doesnt help you at all, so sorry that i have no info to help.

good luck with trying to work around the problem

yah at some point i will atleast try and make it into a playable prototype

no code

you can make more advanced stuff with scripts and states files, but these don't use a programming language, just a super simple set of commands

try the lite version and make a small game with it before buying the pro version, make sure you can handle the bugs and jank. if you can push thru those, its a good engine.

(1 edit)

hmmm. there isnt supposed to be a texture limit but..... efpse just being efpse i s'pose

yes, you need the filename references in textures.dat to match what the actual filenames are

i wasnt suggesting you batch rename all the ones you have already imported, just fix any that have fucked up filenames.

in the future, using batch renamer before importing the textures makes it easier imo. since you already have textures imported for this project, i would just deconfuckulate it

don't batch rename your enemy, decoration or weapon sprites tho, efpse needs them to have specific names

yah efpse cannot handle anything special characters in your filenames whatsoever

no underscores, no spaces, nothing but a to z and 0 to 9. anything else will crash.

if you get your textures from an asset pack and they have filenames with underscores or other characters efpse doesnt like, there is a free batch renaming program, that i have used that makes it alot easier to import your textures to efpse, and not have to rename every texture individually before import.

looks like misnamed file to me.

might not necessarily be a texture though, if you created any new decorations, enemies or pickup sprites last time you had your project open, it could possibly return the same error if its looks for the first frame of animation for that deco or enemy.

go through all your folders, look for non-alphanumeric characters, if you cant find them, back up your .dat files, erase everything in maps.dat, then start with deleting stuff in enemies.dat first. see if it loads, if it doesn't then enemy isnt the problem. proceed with decorations.dat, et al. when you find the one that getting rid of the stuff in it allows the project to load, then you know where your problem is and you can do a throrough check of those images to find the one that is misnamed. get it right, replace dat files with your backed up ones, and you should be ok. the technical term for this process is "deconfuckulating"

i cant remember exactly how it works, but door frames pull a texture from an adjacent floor tile or wall tile, cant remember for sure. try playing with the placement of your tiles,

as far as sloped roof corner, i have no idea. i havent really used the engine much since slope modifiers were introduced. try asking on the efpse discord you are more likely to get a response there.

it works on win11 fine for me

.frag and .vert are opengl shader files. research "opengl frag and vert shaders" in your search engine of choice.

.states are finite state machines - read this to find out more

use notepad to make .states files. follow along with the manual/wiki to understand what they are, what they do, and how to use them.

to make opengl shaders you would need to know the opengl shader language. my opinion on that one is don't bother, but if you really want to learn about it i am sure there is plenty on the interweb

thank you and i am not angry at you, i apologize for my snide comment on your game.

i hosted the last oga jam and had to weed through several games that were just submitted to the jam with no effort at actually following the jam rules, so i know that withthelove is going to have to do the same thing with multiple submissions to the current oga jam. that is all, it is not a personal attack on you or your efforts.

(1 edit)

yah i am not angry at you.

it's just that this game doesn't fit the OpenGameArt Jam at all.

i have no issue with your game or even fangames in general, i grew up as a kid making mario and zelda fangames way back in the 90s.

it's just that it is frustrating to see all these games submitted to the OGA Jam that don't meet the requirements and don't try to. in the future i would suggest that you submit your game to jams that it actually fits in, instead of submitting to multiple jams willy-nilly. it just gives the jam host more work to do to remove your game from the jam cuz it doesn't belong. which is going to happen to this game.

but good luck with your game and future dev efforts, and next jam the OGA community would love to see a game you made that actually uses assets from OpenGameArt, credits those assets properly, and isn't a fangame.

the worst sort of jam spam

doesnt use oga assets, doesnt give credits.

oh and its a fangame that uses ip the dev has no rights to


another banger from ansimuz


ok i see.

in the free and open software community there is considered two types of "free"

libre means free as in freedom (open source)

gratis means free as in free of cost


i dont know what that means....

congrats on another win :)

hello. i love the new gothic skulls and stuff. more of this would be cool, as well as fantasy related castle walls and stuff. will you be expanding on your retro sprites as well? i donated to that one a while ago, i still have access to this one from my 20 donation. i would recommend making the retro sprite pack a paid pack as well and put some energy into it along with this one.

a good amount of scifi / hellish inspriration from doom has gone into what you have so far, how about drawing some inspiration from hexen and heretic for some gothic fantasy textures and sprites?

keep up the good work in any case, and i hope that this transition from free to paid will help you with your financial situation and allow you to continue grinding out content :)

look forward to seeing the new extended texture pack. i will buy it.

floor 1 - this is the floor

floor 2 - this is the ceiling of floor 1

for more bullets change the bullets number

then fiddle with the spread to make your shotgun spread as you want it

(1 edit)

your weapon image much be huge

and no, you cant scale to a negative value

try manually changing the scale of you weapon sprites in an image editor, this should make it easier to reposition and scale in the editor.

a huge weapon sprite serves no real purpose, it would be scaled down in the editor anyways and is just a waste of space and memory to load.

this is my method for creating weapon sprites easily:

make a 320x180 image canvas and place your weapon sprite in the canvas where you want it to be on screen, then offset the y axis in the editor to compensate for weapon bobbing


yah i think the old manual has it wrong (cuz it was changed at some point) so make sure you have the new manual from the stickied post in the community forum

entity spawnat spider 14 6 2

spawnat not spawn