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Unable to pass the language selection even with the workarounds. Too bad looks good. 


I’m one of the designers on the game , kudos on the speed run ! 

When we designed the game , having it possible to speedrun ( without glitches ) was one of our goals , and we love seeing it done ! 

Love the skips , and I might just try beating your time ;)

Btw , there’s an additional level to be found somewhere on the map if you have all the fish ! 

Hello ! Thanks for the kind words :) 

In terms of optimization you can already reduce some of the graphics settings in the options menu :) cheers ! 

yes it is :) good job finding it !

Hello , glad you enjoyed it! 

Once you get all fish there is a secret to be found! 

hello, what error message are you having exactly ? A screenshot would be the best !

hum ... don’t really know what it could be.

Try reinstalling , hope it works ! 


You can try reducing the graphics settings from the start menu, especially the grass and it might help!

Hope that does it 

hello , what seems to be the problem :)? 

Is the issue occurring at launch or after hitting the play button? 

hello , what controller are you using ? The game supports both ps4 and Xbox one /360 controllers as well as mouse and keyboard :) 

the options and controls are available from the title screen.

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Hey I’m one of the game designers on the game!

 Your words are what’s the most important to us , and the reason we make games.

Hope you get better , and thanks a lot