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hello , what seems to be the problem :)? 

Is the issue occurring at launch or after hitting the play button? 

At launch. So when I installed it the other day,  I gave it a few minutes to finish a youtube video. When I clicked the launch button, It says: An error occurred while trying to launch Intertwined 2018, No Executables found. I got really confused, so I tried a few more times and it still wouldn't work. I tried a few minutes ago, aswell, And the same thing happened. I've seen alot of very good videos on this game, and it is very beautiful. I hope that I will be able to play it soon. Thank you for creating this wonderful game (as seen, I haven't actually played to get the full experience), I hope I can play it soon! ^^

hum ... don’t really know what it could be.

Try reinstalling , hope it works ! 

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If the installation went well (you do need admin rights to install), you should find the executable at this location :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intertwined

I hope this help.

Team Intertwined.