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This game was really unique. Left my full review on the game page, good job!

I legit enjoyed playing this. The art was quite consistent, and the music was really fitting. Would love to see this game evolve into a full-fledged game, if you plan to do it.

I really liked the concept. The art was quite consistent, and the gameplay was intriguing. However, there was a missing collider bug in level 5 which resulted the player to fall out of the world. It didn't bother much because I just respawned on the last checkpoint, but felt like telling you so it get fixed soon. 

awesome :D

Really enjoyed playing it. I am surprised that you made such a polished game in 48 hours! good job mate!

This is such a cute game! I love the art and SFX! Some of your sacrifices, such as knowledge, are pretty unique ones that I haven’t seen before in similar games. This was a fun little challenge - and it definitely took me a few tries to beat haha. Great work!

for sure!

The game was kinda cool at the start but felt a bit repetitive after some time. I know making a fully fledged story game within 7 days is impossible, but still if you like you can add more features to it like powerups, different arena types etc. Loved playin' it though ;)

Awesome game! Really liked the visuals and the gameplay. The game was very innovative as well interesting. Hope you add point-and-click control to it because it is difficult to play with wasd keys.