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That DOES help! Thank you! Also I kept losing first thing because I was being too gay with Karen lmao. Can't believe that occurred. I appreciate the reply!

This is great! Though I am struggling quite a bit in figuring out how to get Kuku to idol status, despite my best efforts it keeps not turning out well. I am trying my best, though might need a few tips if there are any, or walkthroughs. She keeps killing us all. However, it's a really cute, well done, polished game, and it's amazing it was made in such a short time.

The creator is still working on it! There's been a lot of life events but he still wants to do a full update with additional revamps. c: (I know him, we're friends.)

I hope this eventually does end up coming to pass, as the new character looks WONDERFUL and very exciting and the game is so cool!

I really like him! I didn't feel that he was indifferent at all- I honestly felt like he was having a hard time restraining how much he felt, even.

I'm super excited to see the epilogues, and it'll be great to explore what they have to deal with to get to a happy ending! I love that you get to see some of how the relationships progress; I feel like a lot of visual novels can be wonderful but still leave you wondering what's next, and if what you worked for comes to fruition.

And I will absolutely keep an eager eye out for your future, gayer works! I adore representative games and Rock Robin is entirely wonderful, so I'm sure you'll do more really cool things that I'll want to see. c: Thank you so much for all your hard work!

I do have a premium code, though, already! I paid the tiny fee because I was curious before I even played the game. Which was maybe kind of silly, but clearly I liked it, so it was a good decision.

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I completely WRECKED my sleeping schedule playing this game all the way through for the first time. I stayed up all night, completely by accident. I was too anxious when I could tell the band was keeping things from Robin to go to bed without knowing.

 I went with Beau first, and I have to say, I didn't expect going in that I'd end up loving him as much as I did. I saw a review that said they didn't feel like Beau loved Robin very much, and I have to say, I really completely disagree. His route made me tear up. I went through such a strong variety of emotions, and I felt like I could really feel them falling for each other without meaning to, and despite their resistance. I felt like they kind of taught each other how to be in love properly, in a way they couldn't reach before. I feel like that was the intention. With all the feelings this route gave me, and how much I adored Beau, I'm almost terrified what Dallas's route will be like, since I've heard so many people say it's heartbreaking.

I hope Beau uses his newfound ability to stand up to his mother to get to marry Robin someday, honestly. Trade being a good son and heir for the ability to be with this woman forever. Bring up that his parent's marriage was scandalous too, at the time. I feel like they're just... really good together. I could see them as a forever thing.

This game is so, so much fun, and I'm so excited to go through all the routes, and see the ways the story can play out differently,  and then through the open ended routes (I'm planning to start games as dating the story mode options to see if you get more content for them, as well as games where I'm not so I can seduce others without breaking any hearts). I'm excited that there are still new characters being introduced and brought out. I'm really crossing my fingers for some lady love interest possibilities for Robin in the open ended mode, as I am very gay and bisexual Robin would be RAD. It looks like the Blue Rose has dates, maybe, but that might not be what it sounds like- though I think it'd be VERY cute.

This game is really well done and engaging, and I feel like I'm going to see so many more interesting things by exploring the rest of the story. Thank you for this!

Hey! So I'm loving RockRobin, aside from the occasional "uncaught exception" bugs, which I tend to ignore and rollback with until it goes away and hope I won't die down the line. The story is exciting, the characters are interesting, and it's really fun! I paid for the extra stuff just about right away.

However, I'm trying to record my first song, and having a weird issue- When I hover over the 'go to the recording studio' option, it says recording a song takes all day and costs $200. Not so bad, yeah. But when I'm actually in there and trying to record the song, it costs $1000 dollars, which is a REAL significant difference, and I'm not even sure how long it'll take for me to get that much saved.

What can I do? Please help, I'm confused.

HELL yeah! I love Jane Austen, and as someone that is wildly gay, I appreciate when that joins me. I'd honestly play a million games of this style.

Anyway, I'm super psyched for this, and happy to follow whatever the developer goes on to do even if this game doesn't end up getting completed!


I love the game, but I have to report a few bugs I encountered:

They told me to report the depressed dragon storyline bug, the raid storyline bug, and the atruism event bug. 

Thank you!

I hope the game is still in production, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished, though excited to play the demo!

I am so intrigued and excited by this concept! I love Jane Austen and I am always looking to make it gayer.

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Honestly, it says a lot about how wonderfully you've done this that I'd honestly date more characters than you're currently allowing me to. I'd date Ona, I'd date Ellis, I'd be deeply intrigued by the possibility of what it would be like to genuinely love your bride-to-be... I'm just saying, if you ever decide to do DLCs, or other games in this same world (maybe where you play as Emery, instead, and date dudes and other nonbinary folk, I dunno, mix it up), I'd eat it up. I'm planning on following your work for the ongoing future, and I'm so excited to see what games you make beyond this one!

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I'm honestly so sad this is only a demo. This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen, honestly. Gorgeous art, a beautiful main character, a fascinating and engaging premise. I'm really excited. I'm also very curious about the possibility of actually falling in love with your future wife, the Khan (though I am aware that's not an option)- it sounds really interesting to see what that would be like. Maybe lovely? Anyway. This is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it come to fruition. I'm waiting with bated breath to buy the whole thing.

I'm excited to learn more about this game!


Rollback and hints have started working now that I've restarted the game, but I still genuinely don't see an option for saving the game anywhere, which is worrying me. The quicksave I have seems to be only one, from a while ago, and I can't find any way to click save, though I can see the loading screen and all the empty, waiting slots. The help button doesn't seem to indicate any saving method that I can see.

I'm very excited for the game, but I'm having a slight issue;

I can't seem to save the game. I don't see an option for it, and when I've quit, it's said if I go to the main menu my game will be saved, but then it... isn't. It just doesn't show up in the loading screen. It's a good thing I found that out before I got particularly far.

Another issue is I've turned on the kickstarter characters, and the rollback option in the options menu, but nothing seems to change. I tried with the choice hints too. It says it's been chosen but I still can't roll back to see what I've missed.

I'm on a Mac. I'd appreciate to know what I can do to fix this, as I'd really like to play!

I'm so so excited for this, I can't wait to see how things change as you update it! The art is gorgeous and the premise is really fun.

I really hope the full version happens sometime soon, this whole concept is so adorable!!

I'm really excited for this!!! I'm a lesbian and I don't know what it is about the concept of lesbian pirates but it does feel emphatically right.

I wish this had an option for Mac, I'd really love to play it.