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Honestly, it says a lot about how wonderfully you've done this that I'd honestly date more characters than you're currently allowing me to. I'd date Ona, I'd date Ellis, I'd be deeply intrigued by the possibility of what it would be like to genuinely love your bride-to-be... I'm just saying, if you ever decide to do DLCs, or other games in this same world (maybe where you play as Emery, instead, and date dudes and other nonbinary folk, I dunno, mix it up), I'd eat it up. I'm planning on following your work for the ongoing future, and I'm so excited to see what games you make beyond this one!

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I'm honestly so sad this is only a demo. This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen, honestly. Gorgeous art, a beautiful main character, a fascinating and engaging premise. I'm really excited. I'm also very curious about the possibility of actually falling in love with your future wife, the Khan (though I am aware that's not an option)- it sounds really interesting to see what that would be like. Maybe lovely? Anyway. This is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it come to fruition. I'm waiting with bated breath to buy the whole thing.

I'm excited to learn more about this game!


Rollback and hints have started working now that I've restarted the game, but I still genuinely don't see an option for saving the game anywhere, which is worrying me. The quicksave I have seems to be only one, from a while ago, and I can't find any way to click save, though I can see the loading screen and all the empty, waiting slots. The help button doesn't seem to indicate any saving method that I can see.

I'm very excited for the game, but I'm having a slight issue;

I can't seem to save the game. I don't see an option for it, and when I've quit, it's said if I go to the main menu my game will be saved, but then it... isn't. It just doesn't show up in the loading screen. It's a good thing I found that out before I got particularly far.

Another issue is I've turned on the kickstarter characters, and the rollback option in the options menu, but nothing seems to change. I tried with the choice hints too. It says it's been chosen but I still can't roll back to see what I've missed.

I'm on a Mac. I'd appreciate to know what I can do to fix this, as I'd really like to play!

I'm so so excited for this, I can't wait to see how things change as you update it! The art is gorgeous and the premise is really fun.

I really hope the full version happens sometime soon, this whole concept is so adorable!!

I'm really excited for this!!! I'm a lesbian and I don't know what it is about the concept of lesbian pirates but it does feel emphatically right.

I wish this had an option for Mac, I'd really love to play it.