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Even though its quite the small asset pack i appreciate the words!


Always a fan of your narratives <3

Thanks for the kind words i will have to check it out!

Yeah basically what i said, thanks for explaning

Good Soup!👌

Really Nice Gameplay!

That is really cool! Its awesome you all could do something with that asset pack i will have a look! 

Yeah thanks for the kind words, we will release a pos jam with all those bug fixes and more we found! Thanks for the info :))

This is quite the fun game , i noticed some small stuff like the bird falling and landing on the tree which i really liked , its the small stuff for me , overall there isnt much to say , i think maybe having some way of getting the health back would be nice since the map is quite big actually,  also liked the atmosphere didnt look repetitive which can happen in a lot of games. 

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah we are aware of those minor bugs , we will soon be posting a post jam version with all those fixed, after that we will release a full version of the game! So hope you can wait until then! :D

oh god ahaha thanks for the kind words. We will develop the game morr after the jam so i hope you can play a refine version later! 

Thanks! Yeah eu doing pretty well as well , we gonna expand a bit more after the jam and i hope we can make some art together in the future for sure!

I think for sure the selling point was the atmosphere , even though its very used i still liked the monsters passing through the cave end . also nice monsters very nice ps1 style , i would recomend putting the pistol somewhere else only notice it after 2 deaths so was just running from the dog /  fox all the time

I was thanking you for the part where you said "Lovely visuals" since i was the one that made the art :) 

i can very much thank you in the art department ahah

thank youuu :)))

I am so glad that this was small because i am pooping myself playing this so bad! Great Quality and atmosphere!

Thank you!

ahah glad you liked it! 

Thanks :)

Hope it can be of use :)

Glad you liked it! 

Thanks save point! 

Thank you :) 

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Thanks :,)

Just finish playing the game! i really like the small details like the changing screens on the option settings really does create a life to the game , the gameplay itself was also pertty fine , my only advice would be having like some creepy sounds like something is getting close to make the player feel more nervous and stuff. Taking that i am sucker for a good old pixel filter so Good game.

Well i wont deny that the cat mutant health was kinda slow too , but he was there more for the fear factor and not really kill the player.

Thank you so much for the kind words, and you have absolutely all the reason to say that , the interaction is something that will be worked on the next expansion like other stuff like the locked doors and a more interactive screen. The difficulty would depend a lot on the difficulty you choose on the main menu but we will look into that too Thanks!

I will give it another try for sure then!

Thanks for the kind words!

I can see that you lacked the time to finish it , the monster looks mega sick but i am not sure until what point it fits that house envierment , in a forest type game would be crazy scary , the graphic are divine , like real selling game level , but like i said lacked the time to finish it and refine it. Hope to see a continuation in the future.

I really enjoyed this game , it had a purpose and it was fulfilled. Action with creepy monsters! The pixel art is really nice has well has the map for the time we had , this game could also be easily expanded with some backstory and stuff like that but i will leave that decision on the creators. Well really good stuff.

Thanks for the kind words! Like i told you we might make a expansion with the locked doors and story so i hope to see you again :)

Not the worst idea, well since you are in a sauna the fear of being naked could be explore ahah , mostly likely going for some really gore rape scenes but that might be too much or explore the vulnerability well its a horror game so its fine.  Yeah focus on making more games with decent quality! you will get better everytime! Dont be afraid to make your ideas its just an amazing feeling to see people play it so go strong! :)

I really enjoy the monsters design , i am a nerd for mutant and concept art like that, the lighting could be a bit brighter i found myself quite the few times going getting stuck in something mostly the locker area, the jump scared also got me good, its a work in progress but if better explore the naked concept or add a bit story to it , it could become some great stuff.

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The game itself is a bit buggy , i can see you all struggle with time has many other people , the idea itself isnt bad at all , i would disable the jump i can jump throw the roft and walls and work a bit more on the collider taking that pretty nice monster

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This game has plenty of potencial, the art is very cute indeed, indeed when a map is really big it ends up lookin quite empty but i know the struggle of making it feel alive myself since i also did a 2.5 D , either way with some heavy story this game can be something even nicer.

i actually found that if my computor is low on battery the performance lowers a lot so this was totally on my side i think. Great Game