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I Honestly love horror rpg game , but i think they are not that relevant now a day , unfortunatly , but tbh ur game really made me hyped to make another rpg and this time a better one , already said before , really good game and please after fix the error make it longer!

Same , so help would be nice.

really liked the art and the ending.

Thanks , We are looking for all kind of bugs to fix the game later so Thank you for saying it.

Thank you for the kinda words :)

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So i played it again ,no doubt it was better than the first run cus this time i actually could advance, some small critic , i would take like half of the time  "mining" it takes so much time when the real propose of the game is making a music , taking that , loved the art of the materials and small animations.

If you feel like it also check my team game :

Thank you so much ! Yes we aimed for something way complex for the time we had, some of the critics you said we already knew and are going to fix them in the next update , some we didnt so thank you haha , about the bunsen we actually did the animation but forget to put it hahah , like some other things, it was lack or time and attention in the end. Glad you like it :

First of all , really like the website design , and thanks for warn me , i will gladly play it again.

Okay great, then i will gladly play it again in the future.

well if you in the future fix it , i will gladly play it again

Looks very cute the art and its a fun little game that I enjoy , i didnt seen much bugs actually compare to other games , the only one was when you finish all the quest you still get the accept or denied quest bottom even tho there is no quest. Taking that i like it. 

Well i wil wait for it then. Cant wait.

Had fun playing this game , i was excepting a really scary horror game , but that music really created a different more jazzy and creepy vibe then horror , i kinda got stuck after the baby because i could pick up the bread i dont know why to give the first guy , and i would not doubt change the mecanics in the mouse , the dragged effect really its hard to control and it can be too much with the colours. Taking take loved everything about the art.

I was having a really fun time playing this game , i was not excepting something like this in this jam ,  you had the cooking elements and dark too , but there was a big problem in your game , everytime you choose the fry something it would go straight to the main menu and i would lose all my progress , thats something you got to fix , taking that the music was good and the art even better.

Really love the music it was really relaxing and i also liked the art , really got me into a relaxing theme, got some time so get how to dig stuff , because the game wasnt that well explain , didnt knew what to craft too so i got myself exploring the map , fun time.

Had fun playing it , i liked the map and concept , would chance some things like the music with those colours can be a bit too much and maybe chance music as well or make it a bit lower volume , i like the slit the ingredients thing , and would put less sensitive on the mouse. Thanks for the game.

i was really suprised playing this game , i except nothing because of the art and no screenshots and all , but i got really suprised! i had a lot of fun playing it and its a really interesting concept. Never played a text game , One thing i would chance , by the end all the texts were in the end and it got hard to pick the one i wanted, maybe make two lines or 3 , taking that it was a lot of fun.

This was honestly one of the most fun (browser games) in this jam , yh sure i got teleported once and attack while reading . but with the time frame that we all had , i understand. the art also looked decently good . Would also make the mobs take more damage , because i was in a point where they could be so many but i would still not die because of all the health upgrade that i had. Anyway , Good Game . Thanks.

Okay i tried to play it one more time haha its quite fun actually, well i guess we all run out of time.

Thank you very much , with more time we could have improved a lot , well we plan to post a better version in the future.

Yeah i get it , our game also went kinda incomplete because of time , but i can see you still got a hold of yourself pretty good, also checked the "

Get sword, kill dragon, save princess" Game , really liked that one hahahha i laughed and the music was really well choosen. Thank you.


Obviously loved the art like most people . Really love your style , its a very cutie and relaxing game , i liked the different type of gameplay (more especific the fact that you can see and control a mini you) , the only thing i would change would be that i got kinda confused in the start to where to start , but easily made the first cake. Well going to check your other games and keep up the good work (art = love it)

The art really interested me. it looked cute but kinda creepy , the only problem would be after you catch all the powers in the start i used them all without killing anybody and after that i couldnt do anything except taking damage. 

Very cute and fun game. Obviously loved the art.

The art looked really cool , always wanted to make one like this , really like the contrast of the colour , but obvious with only this time there will be bugs,  When you start if you ignore the dinner and go to the police the door wont open even tho it said to Press E , and after you recebe the pistol if you press E the weapon disappears and you get stuck cus you cant fight the monsters . Well still a good game comparing to some in this Jam.